Analyst’s Forecast

Nonfarm Payrolls 02 October

Analyst’s Forecast 2015’s last economic quarter is ready to see its first Nonfarm payrolls to be published soon which could have considerable impacts on the U.S economy. Traders hold their breaths as this awaited report combined with the much anticipated interest rates hike by the end of 2015 yet, kept near zero recently this year, […]

Nonfarm Payrolls September 01 2015

Analyst’s Forecast Investors brace themselves for yet another Nonfarm Payrolls report expected to influence the U.S. economy. The primary concern here is the interest rate decision for the United-States, which is much awaited by the world. If NFP numbers surpass expectations, then the Federal Reserve might finally raise the interest rates. Having stayed near zero, […]

Crude Oil Financial Event

Last week only, the crude oil price rallied for several days but is expected to decline further due to increase global output. Is it true? What is this event all about? The Crude Oil Inventories data shall report the weekly change in the number of barrels of commercial crude oil held by US firms. The […]

Nonfarm Payrolls August 03 2015

Analyst’s Forecast Economic data in the U.S. start to show their tantrums catching the attention of investors. Will the United-States move towards a tighter monetary policy? An interest rate will occur only if the NFP, the Consumer price index and the Gross domestic product are up to the expectations. The last NFP data was bearish, […]

Nonfarm Payrolls June 29 2015

Analyst’s Forecast The Nonfarm payrolls are set to release earlier this week, since the United-States prepares to go on holiday to celebrate the Independence Day on 4th of July. The Nonfarm payrolls are awaited to bring a little boost to the currencies on the charts, since volatility has been low due to Greece debt troubles. […]