BITCOIN 1153.353 23:00 24.02 BITCOIN 1149.762 22:00 24.02 WELLS FARGO 57.805 21:00 24.02 DOMINION DIAMOND 8.785 21:00 24.02 TEVA (US) 35.365 21:00 24.02 TOYOTA (US) 113.780 21:00 24.02 SONY 30.935 21:00 24.02 TESLA MOTORS 256.980 21:00 24.02 WAL-MART 72.3750 21:00 24.02 USD/CHF 1.00751 21:00 24.02 ALIBABA 102.915 21:00 24.02 APPLE 136.635 21:00 24.02 BANK OF AMERICA 24.215 21:00 24.02 PFIZER 34.245 21:00 24.02 AUD/USD 0.76782 21:00 24.02 BOEING 177.445 21:00 24.02 MICRON 23.235 21:00 24.02 FACEBOOK VS TWITTER 8.48168 21:00 24.02 ALPHABET VS BAIDU 4.73300 21:00 24.02 ALPHABET vs FACEBOOK 6.1168 21:00 24.02 MICROSOFT 64.60 21:00 24.02 YAHOO 45.520 21:00 24.02 INTEL 36.525 21:00 24.02 TWITTER 15.965 21:00 24.02 3M 187.325 21:00 24.02 BLACKBERRY 7.055 21:00 24.02 APPLE VS AMAZON 0.16168 21:00 24.02 CITIGROUP VS AIG 0.93618 21:00 24.02 APPLE VS ALPHABET 0.16496 21:00 24.02 STARBUCKS 57.465 21:00 24.02


Bigoption alternative methods
At BigOption, our main concern is our customer’s satisfaction. We are dedicated to provide to you the best out of our platform at any time. We constantly try to provide to you the quickest, easiest and safest banking transaction while funding your account.
We offer our clients a vast range of highly secured and reliable deposit methods, for them to be stress-free while funding their respective accounts. We also provide transactions for clients with different currency payments across the world, including the: Dollar, Euro, Pound sterling and more.
Our withdrawal process is one of the fastest, easiest and most reliable on the market. With BigOption, you decide when to withdraw your available funds, and we try our best to make your money reach your bank account as quickly and safely as possible.
Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
Credit Cards

The debit and credit cards are the best investment method you can make on an online platform.

We currently support the following Credit and Debit Cards:
visa Visa master Master Card
visa-electron Visa Electron Switch Maestro Uk (switch)
Please note: Maestro online deposits are authenticated with a MasterCard Secure Code. In order to complete authentication, your bank must enable 3D on your card, prior your deposit process.

Wire Transfer
This is an electronic-based transfer synchronized among banks worldwide.
Transfer funds from one individual to another in a fast and secure environment.
With BigOption, you have the ability to choose among different wire transfer
systems.*Please contact your account manager for more support.

This is an electronic device that helps you make electronic transactions. Transfer
money safely to your account with this system. At BigOption, you can choose this particular e-wallet:

Withdrawal Request Cancellation
If a withdrawal has been requested and wants to be cancelled by a client, the latter should send an email to [email protected] containing the following details:
(1) Full Name
(2) BigOption Account Number
(3) Withdrawal Request Amount

Compliance Procedure:

Note: Once you have funded your account, please make sure to provide us with the KYC documents. Our KYC policy is in-line with international AML regulations to protect traders’ funds and prevent fraud. Please read our compliance procedure.