7 reasons to fall in love with BigOption’s revamped blog


Many things happened since our launching in 2011. Like every brokerage firm, we have seen bad days but the good ones were totally worth it. Like the saying goes: “you cannot have the rainbow without a little rain.” Fortunately, like a feline we always managed to get back on our feet. All these years, the ultimate aim of BigOption has consistently been to revolutionise the binary options industry. Following this idea, we are pleased to bring to you a newly revamped blog.

The initial idea behind our blog was to help traders keep pace with the financial market and also provide them with another communication platform. Having received a huge amount of positive feedbacks for the blog, we decided to redesign it by giving it a fresh look. BigOption’s new blog can be seen as an additional weapon we are arming traders with, as the articles posted here highlight all the important news which are pertinent to binary options trading. Traders’ comments also do not go unnoticed. Our policy to give you the best of trading is still prevalent. Today, I am going to give you 7 reasons why you should and would totally be fond of our newly revamped blog.

1.The design


The look of the blog has been completely revised. In order to bring more light to the page, we finally opted for a sleek theme. Also, new design trends were scanned and adapted to meet your needs. This judicious choice was made, as we wanted to increase the functionality and the appeal of the blog. The essence of this new design is made up of three major components.

The color - It may happen that users missed some elements of a page on a dark background. Therefore as you will notice, the new background color of the blog is pristine white. This color has also been chosen to increase readability and taking into account new user-experience principles.

Layout - The layout of the previous blog was too compact, yes we admit it. This is why we decided to completely change it. You will notice that the articles are well displayed and that it is easier now to have a preview of the latest articles posted.

Feature - We have a homepage. After reviewing our blog we noticed that there was an important missing element. The team immediately suggested adding a brand new homepage. The function of this new feature will improve the user experience in terms of navigation as all the information will be properly displayed there.

2.It is much more user friendly

BigOption has always been praised for its user-friendly platform. Being user-friendly was not enough for us, this is why our blog is laid out in such a way that even a person who is not used to computers and technology can easily use our new blog. Using BigOption’s blog now will procure a smoother user experience as many modifications were brought to the page. Apart from the revised design, we added a breadcrumb. For those wondering what is a breadcrumb, it can be compared to a compass. This feature indicates to the user on which page he is on the blog starting from the homepage.

Example 1: If you are on the homepage, the breadcrumb bar will display Homepage.

Example 2: If you decide to go on another page, let’s say Trader’s digest page, the breadcrumb will display Homepage > Trader’s Digest and so on.


3.Responsive Architecture


The blog facilitates navigation, be it on desktop or on mobile devices. In fact, all the different elements of the blog has been modified so that they become more explicit. Even the search button has been changed. We paid attention to the slightest detail as we wanted this blog to reflect the professionalism of our brokerage firm. The icing on the cake is the responsive side. The blog will now adapt to any kind of device you are using. Whether you are in the tram going to work or simply at home chilling, take out your smartphone and check all the latest updates.

4.Have your say

Furthermore, the new blog is much more interactive compared to the previous one. It has been made this way because we want our traders to further participate and share their opinions. In line with this perspective, we decided that the comments of our traders will become a prominent part of our new blog. You will see that commenting became more easy and that now you also have the option to answer and like a comment. In addition, the interface is set up in such a way that you can even like an article by staying on the homepage. Besides, you will not feel alone anymore. You will be able to see how many traders have read the articles displayed, as each article will carry a ‘number or views’ element.


5.Articles are accessed easily

Concerning the articles, a new section has been implemented where all the articles are listed according to the month and the year published. Therefore, it will be more rapid for traders to look for the articles they want to read even if the article has been published a year ago. Moreover, to further facilitate the access to articles, a brand new feature has been introduced on the website known as Tags. This feature will automatically categorized each article in terms of tags, the different tags available will be for example: assets, binary options industry and earnings. If a trader wants to have access to all the articles containing information on earnings, he just have to click on the tag and all the blog posts pertinent to earnings will be displayed.

6.Social media sharing

It happened with the previous blog that some traders really appreciated an article but was not able to make their friends or network enjoy it. This situation will never occur again, as the new blog allows traders to share the articles they found interesting. Furthermore, the sharing of articles is available on the five most trending social media platforms traders use, which are: Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest.


7.Saves time

Even if time is an unlimited resource, we know how precious it is. This is why BigOption implemented all these new time saving features. Compared to the old blog, this one is more responsive and much more rapid. Finding, accessing, liking, commenting and sharing an article is only a matter of minutes.

The bottom line

By now I am sure you are totally seduced by our new blog! I encourage all of you to test the new blog and see by yourselves how better it is. I also encourage you to give feedbacks as what you have to say really matters for us at BigOption. We changed this blog for the best, but there is always room for improvement. I am impatient to have your point of view.

Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn