7 typical mistakes investors make


There exist numerous errors that traders or even investors fail to be cautious about. But out of many, there are around 7 repeated mistakes that investors often commit. Since they are repeated mistakes, it might take years before investors understand the gravity of the situation. But anyhow, precaution is always better than cure, isn’t it?

Therefore tag along, let us explore these 7 mistakes and find ways together to push them away. But before getting in depth of the subject, it is important for investors to understand that they should be knowing, it takes time to understand a market and the way it functions. They should know why they are in the binary options world and what they are expecting. A degree of seriousness is always welcomed.


The trading market is opened to everyone, irrespective of any country and here religion or caste does not play any role. You are most welcomed and since the market invites everyone, it is important to consider that in the binary world, there are beginners, intermediate and advanced traders. Therefore trading differs through the mindset of the various classes of traders. The 7 mistakes to be covered in this article shall apply to each and everyone, it depends to which degree you associate yourself with these mistakes. Therefore take notes, read well, know your lackings and if you can shed some these mistakes or you do not commit any of them, then you are good to go.

The 7 mistakes that we have been stressing on, are:

1. No plan

Do you have a solution if you do not know which road will take you to your destination? Well, planning is a very important aspect of starting anything new. Let’s keep it simple, if you want to succeed, a proper planning will always be a plus in your business. If a person starts a shop in the middle of nowhere, what is the guarantee of finding customer? Well you must have guessed, almost none. Therefore no planning also means no profit, which in other words mean, have a planning or prepare to lose the battle before commencing.

While starting a business, you should know what you are trying to accomplish. If you know what is it that you want, you would know the amount of efforts to put into your task. Same goes for trading, if you know that you want a lavish home, a secured future, a better education for your kids, therefore you would know the degree of seriousness you need for this business.

Set your goals and objectives and determine the risks of a trading career. The field of trading offers many opportunities and the scope of making money is huge, thus taking out time to properly plan will do no harm. Enhancing your career comes with a proper guidance. So make your plan, what do you want? Jot it down. Remember, the plan shall be written on paper, do not let it in your mind, because your mind contains much more information which could cause the plan to disappear.

2. Chasing performance

Many times, while looking at others, investors tend to think that they might be missing out on superb opportunities that may have been generating quite some money for others some time back. Without knowing that if the particular asset is still able to generate profit, they tend to make the mistake of following blindly.

What might have been creating profits some time back may not be in the money for the moment. Sticking to your initial plan is the key to making success in this world. Of course changes are welcomed, but after having done proper research and gathering of information.

3. Attention given to financial media

Determine how much of attention you want to focus on financial news. They are important but at the same time, do not remain idle after having read them. Discard those which are of no avail to you and keep those which will take your trading career to the peak that you want.

Financial events are of extreme use when you want to know what is going on the market. Those who sell news also know that you are dependable on them, this is why choosing the proper medium of information is equally important. Read, assimilate and take into consideration what appeals to you and your career.

4. Mismanagement

Have you ever started out something and found that you cannot properly manage your task? Well, this has occurred to many people, when they start losing focus or trusting outsiders more than they trust themselves. At the end of the day, this is your business, before you let someone else manage it for you, give it go! Choose the best, trust yourself and then trust the Broker you want to invest with.

A third party between you and your broker will always mess things up, therefore determine the limits you want to impose.Trials and error form part of the common way of life, therefore take out time, see where you stand and who you trust.


5. Not rebalancing

One cannot always think that all the assets that he is trading on at this moment shall always be profitable. There is a time in trading when a trader will have to sell all of its performing assets and start buying the less performing ones. This is indeed one of the most difficult situations for investors and it takes a lot of gut to be able to do so.

This process is time-taking but is important as by so doing the investor (trader) can wait until the underperforming assets start to take off. Re balancing is an important aspect- throw away what you have and adopt new for changes.

6. Too short of time

Do you think you are too old to trade? Well, think again! Even if you are 60 + , you still have a life expectancy of 15 to 30 years more. Therefore if you want to take out some time and amass some wealth for your heirs, thus trading is the chance.

Never think that this business is not for you if you are old. The way of life is such that, retirement sometimes does not offer what people are actually expecting out of it. Do not be too focused on short term, but think on the long term. Look for ways to make money and a secured future is better than living in the unpredictable.

7. Trade , do not just speculate

Are you asking enough questions? Are you well prepared? Well now you should be. Stop pushing away what you have to do now. Because it’s now or never! Ask what you do not know, because if you will just keep speculating, there will be a time when all the golden chances will be gone and you will be left with no money.

Bear in mind that, speculating is not trading. You should speculate but after speculating, trade! IF you let your chance escape, you might find yourself with no opportunities left. Therefore, Speculate, Invest and Trade!




The 7 typical mistakes investors make is important for those who want a successful career in Binary Options trading. Grasp what you need and take the leap. Letting your chance go, means letting your wealth walk away from you.

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