Alibaba files IPO

Alibaba files IPO at $68

One of the most anticipated IPO is expected to be completed tomorrow.

Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holdings LRD is to finalize its IPO pricing with a 24.5 billion sale in stock. The company also provides B2B online web portal, online retail and payment services.

It is stated that in recent years, the online sales giant handled 1.1 trillion Yuan in sales ($170 billion). Shares were initially priced with a range of $60 and $66, according to the filing, but a larger-than-expected demand could see Alibaba share price increase even further.

These numbers makes it the largest U.S IPO ever but it might even top Agricultural Bank of china 2010 offering that was considered as the largest IPO until now.

Alibaba is expected to finalize its IPO on Thursday the 18th and to start trading a day after on Sep 19th in the New York stock exchange under the ticker “BABA”. like any other IPO’s at this size in the past, it is expected to start trading about 30-90 min after the U.S markets official open.

All the preparations already took place and it is expected to be available on BigOption’s platform once it starts trading.

Warren Tancredi By: Warren Tancredi
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