Apple and the 7th iPhone

iPhone 7

After dazzling us with the iPhone 6, the 6S, the 6S plus and a panoply of other models, it seemed that the giant company, Apple Inc is well determined to explore other numbers and letters. Recently launched in March 2016, the iPhone SE should be worried as there will soon be a newborn in the iPhone family.

No, this is not a joke! Apple has decided to release a new iPhone namely iPhone 7. This new iPhone will be marked by innovation as it will totally differ from the other models. This time, the multinational redoubled efforts to present a brand new iPhone, with a new design as well as additional features.

What’s different?

The checklist of differences is quite short up till now, as Apple has decided to keep the surprise until its launching. However, there has been some leaks which managed to give a sneak peek of this new phone. Here are some of the new features that will surely interest you:

  • A fresh look: The new iPhone will be one of the thinnest iPhone ever produced. According to the leaks, this new phone will not have the traditional home key button present on all the other models. This time, it seems that the button will be incorporated in the screen.

  • Wireless is the new trend: For the first time, an iPhone will not have an earphone socket. Meaning that the future owners of the new iPhone 7 will be offered wireless headphones.

  • Let’s take a picture: Photography adepts and Instagrammers will be happy to learn that the iPhone 7 will be equipped with a dual camera array and will also have a larger rear camera aperture.

From what have been seen until now, this new phone promises to be revolutionary. It is to be noted that the multinational recently launched one of its cheapest iPhone since 2013 only 2 months ago. The newly launched phone known as the iPhone SE came at the right moment as Apple’s iPhone sales were tumbling at this time. However, such as a knight on a white horse, iPhone SE saved the situation as there was a strong demand for this new phone. Will the iPhone 7 arouse the same enthusiasm?

Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn