BigOption Trading Competition: Winners announced

BigOption Trading Competition: Winners announce

Congratulations! It’s been a great pleasure to organize this binary options trading competition and to see the response that we received from our traders. BigOption takes full gratitude and thank you, traders, for your valuable time and participation in the Christmas competition.


We, at the team of BigOption, hope that you had a superb time for your Christmas and New Year and a great time participating in our competition. We on the other hand, followed the competition closely and took care that none of our traders find any difficulty while participating in the competition. It was a joy to witness the competitive atmosphere and a wonderful team-play among all traders. As soon as the competition was launched, traders were very enthusiastic to get in the game spirit and the leaderboard fluctuated everyday captivating the mind of everyone at BigOption and also the traders.


On a wonderful note, we would like to announce the winners of the BigOption Christmas Trading Competition. Remember we have no losers, but as this is a game, we are bound to elect winners and appreciate their commendable efforts in binary options trading with BigOption.


Our winners are:


Rank Name Country Prize
1st Andrew M Canada $ 5000
2nd Marshall D Germany $ 3000
3rd Ahmad N Algeria $ 2000
4th Anne S Belgium $ 1000
5th Patrick M France $ 500


The Winners are heartily congratulated from the whole BigOption team. Rest assured, there will be more competitions to come since our number of traders is growing day by day. The chance to participate in other competitions will be given to every trader in the near future.


Our best wishes and congratulations goes to Mr. Andrew M from Canada... our GRAND winner!

BigOption – behind closed doors: The ambience was electrifying

The BigOption team considers it a great privilege to have traders from all around the world and was especially thrilled to see the number of participants it gathered during the festive season.


BigOption’s team worked hard and gave its best to create a high-end platform for the Christmas trading competition. The technical team made sure that the platform stays user-friendly so that our traders face no difficulties in understanding the rules of the competition. Guidelines were provided to help each trader grasp the basics. As soon as the competition started and during its continuity, special attention was being given on the needs of traders who required assistance.


Towards the end of the competition, the whole team’s attention was geared to the leaderboard. It was fun to monitor the fluctuations in the rankings. Traders were enthusiastic but most importantly, they wanted to win.


It was a new experience for the BigOption team; new but resourceful altogether. They went through stressful moments, meeting deadlines but the hard-work paid off. Trader’s satisfaction was the team’s satisfaction.


External Factors that helped traders participate:

Traders used their own strategy to gather their resources to participate in the Christmas competition. It was a superb economic year with lots of ups and down with the various currencies around the world that created speculation. A lot of instances helped traders, such as market fluctuations, enabling them to reap high return on investments.

Oil prices went down:

Oil prices went down in 2014 which were a shock for the entire world. Dropping prices of Oil created havoc around the world while non-oil producing countries took advantage of cheaper gasoline, other countries such as Russia and Venezuela which are oil-producing countries, faced severe economic wreckage. The simple reason

behind this unexpected system of dropping oil prices is that, for the past decade, Oil prices were high climbing around $100 per barrel and oil consumption soared in countries like China and conflicts rose in Oil nations like Iraq. Therefore, Oil production could not keep up with demand, thus price hiked. This being the case, a lot of traders were prompted to trade on commodities such as Oil, Gold and Silver.

They were aware of the situation going on in the whole world, it was sure that the price of Oil would not rise so soon. A PUT option was a definite advantage for traders who knew where Oil was heading to.

US economy soared high

The U.S economy is doing well for the moment. Last year U.S came out of a long and dark recession period. Jobless claims declined and sentiment went high for the U.S Dollar, interest rates were low and dropping oil prices helped the dollar rise. A lot of traders took opportunity of this situation and placed a CALL option for US dollar.


The Eurozone crisis

The Eurozone is facing dire crisis in this moment as the Euro’s devaluation with low interest rates, dragged the currency to deflation. This was also an opportunity for the traders to trade on the Euro.


The ABENOMICS that did not work

In the country of Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Yen saw a lot of difficulty to actually be able to climb the ladder. Being that Japan is the third largest economy of the world, much more was expected of the Yen. But since ABE’s Abenomics failed to work, Japan saw a sudden recession which proved to be detrimental to the Yen. The currency trade became an interesting game.

With all the factors that we take in mind and all the efforts that the traders put in the competition, our heart goes out to say a great THANK YOU, to all the traders. Our BigOption team will be back soon with another competition. Stay motivated, bring on the game spirit again next time. Until then, trade safely.

Warren Tancredi By: Warren Tancredi
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