Binary Options Trading Competition with BigOption

Christmas and New Year are the epitome of endless celebrations and exclusively for this festive season, BigOption has come up with the industry’s heartiest binary options trading competition.


This year, your preferred binary options broker is preparing a trading competition with great CASH PRIZES. Yes, we said cash prizes that will be deposited directly in your trading account.

This binary options competition aims to reward the 5 best traders during a predefined time frame, between the 17th of December 2014 and the 17th of January 2015.


How to enter BigOption’s trading competition?


Basically, everyone is free to take part in the tournament. With an investment amount of 500 and more, traders are eligible to participate. Those who opened an account with BigOption as from the 1st of November with an account balance of 500+ have direct access to the tournament. Yes, you are right; Santa came up early this year!


People who wish to participate but who do not have a BigOption account can manually register themselves bearing in mind the initial investment.


You can take a view of the leaderboard right away from the BigOption website. You have nothing to download and no third-party will get access to your information. However, two main criteria that should be abode by are the entry amount and that you should be fully compliant. If you fail to meet these two requirements, you will be disdained from the tournament.


Our relentless effort has always been to give our traders only the best throughout the year and this competition is just another of our attempt to make your festive season even more meaningful.


Ho! Ho! Ho


As stated above, BigOption’s trading competition aims to reward the top 5 traders during the predefined timeframe. But what are the cash prizes? Here they are!


• 1st place: $5000 • 2nd place: $3000 • 3rd place: $2000 • 4th place: $1000 • 5th place: $500


Start and end dates of this binary options trading competition


BigOption’s trading competition will start on the 17th of December 2014 and will end on the 17th of January 2015. The top 5 winners will be officially announced on the 19th of January 2015 and winners will be requested to provide a short statement after their victory. Besides that, if a trader wants to know his rank during the trading competition, he will have the opportunity to do it directly on the ranking page provided by BigOption.


Increase the odds of being in the top 5 traders!


Binary options trading is not as difficult as some people say it is. In fact, here at BigOption, we are constantly working in order to facilitate your trading experience. Throughout the competition you can use any trading tool that you wish, however, your transaction amount should not be less than 50. It’s high time you polish your trading abilities to give the best of yourself on the arena.


Here are some other tips to increase the odds of being in the top 5 traders:


• Trade regularly to increase the percentage of winning investments • Trade carefully: analyze the market, see what are the popular based on then trader choice • Stay up to date with the market • Choose your asset with care • Decide on your strike rate • Make use of the trading signals provided by BigOption


Stay tuned for more information about BigOption’s trading tournament!


The top five winners of the competition will officially be announced on the 19th of January 2015. Stay tuned to BigOption to know the winners. Those who are participating, stay hooked to the leaderboard and strive to make your way to the top 5!

Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn