Binary Options Trading Tips: Ten points to consider

Binary Options Guidelines

It is a known fact that most novice traders tend to neglect the learning process as they get overwhelmed with the winning potential that options trading offers and that would constitute the first and most hazardous mistake, which can eventually lead to failure and loss in investment. However, as a responsible binary options broker, we have devised a working plan so that any trader, irrespective of their experience, can refer to before engaging into any options contract. Basically, there are ten things to consider, which can shift your trading from a losing one to a winning one.


The 5/15 Rule



First of all, any trader entering the capital markets needs to allocate an amount of investment fund for trading purposes. While some prefer to stick to the 5/15 rule and proceed accordingly, others use different capital management technique to protect their investment and minimize risks.

Choose a reliable broker



It is very important to open an account on a reliable and user-friendly options trading platform. The latter should have sufficient and adequate information regarding its assets, payout structures and other information related to trading. While most brokers do not charge additional commissions or spreads, binary options traders are advised to understand all contract agreement details before entering into any binding contract with the broker. A reputable options trading broker will provide crucial information through tutorials and other learning materials and some would also have personal account managers at your disposal in the event you require any additional help or guidance.

Analyze Market Data



As the securities and derivatives markets always hold a high volatility factor, traders should be able to anticipate events that might impact on the price of an underlying asset. In consequence, fundamentals, technical and other market data should be deconstructed and understood prior to entering into any option buying.

Stay Updated



Knowledge is the most important factor and emphasis will always be made upon acquiring latest information regarding stocks and other assets. Traders should be aware of any market events, even the slightest and insignificant one. As the saying goes “it’s the little details that are vital” and it strongly applies for trading binary options.

Choose your asset carefully



Choosing an option is the first path to success. Usually, traders are advised to choose an asset and an option with an adequate enough expiration time, so as to give the asset time enough to undergo the expected movement. However, there are highly volatile assets that require fast trading, provided that the trader has sufficient knowledge regarding its price movement.

Decide on your strike rate



After having spent time in learning market news and other economic indicators, binary options traders should enter into a trade execution when the price is at its best. Usually, the use of pivot points and other tools are essential in determining the right price entry point.

Monitor your binary options trades



Monitoring your preferred asset’s movement will enable you to have a better insight into its trend and outlook. Every day, traders need to track their trades by making entries in a simple spreadsheet document. With practice and analysis, it will be easier to anticipate the right directional movement with respect to any external market influence.

 Emotional Trading Binary Options


Greediness is a sure path to failure and will eventually cause loss of investment. A responsible binary options trader should know when to stop and refrain from further trading. At times, potentials are apparently visible and after a few wins, traders try to open up positions in an attempt to have more gains. As the market is highly volatile, very often, traders find themselves losing all the amount won and start digging into capital.

 Minimize your risks


While an exit point for profit is a necessary technique to reduce risk, traders should also consider an exit plan for the minimization of loss. If after one of few trades on a single asset, traders find themselves losing more than they can afford to, then it is high time to stop trading. At this point, traders are required to analyse the market without opening any trade and give themselves enough time to understand the market forces behind their failure.

 Binary Options trading signals


As binary options trading takes on new heights in the online environment, different trading tools are available and traders should be able to understand them and make good use out of them. For example, trading signal is a valuable tool to generate higher profit rate. Most of the binary options brokers offer trading signals, either free or for a small amount of money.

The above mentioned list forms the basics or even can be used as a checklist to constantly remind the trader that the above elements should be carefully taken into consideration before any trade transaction. However, trading binary options is not limited to only those guidelines and traders are advised to read various articles about trading techniques and other technical materials.

Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn