ECB’s Mario Draghi plan for the Eurozone

Draghi calls for collective input to bolster Eurozone European Central Bank’s President Mario Draghi states that without collective efforts across the Eurozone, no structural reforms will be sufficient to retaliate the current latency. Draghi affirms that in order to meet the inflation level target, investment should be strengthened. Policymakers on their part want to see more measures in order to revive the sagging labour market and to boost demand. Two purchase programmes are already on their way in an attempt to support the current monetary policy transmission. Making an appeal to governments, ECB President also asked more consideration over taxation and avoid unnecessary expenditures. The accordance in structural, fiscal and monetary policies is the foundation to a robust economy as stated by Draghi. It is to be noted that the ECB had previously cut interest rates to a record low level in order to boost growth. Source: Bloomberg  
Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn
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