Economic Calendar

Britain- Services PMI (Feb) – Wednesday 09:30 GMT

The British Services PMI will be released on Wednesday, gathering the attention of many investors, while the Manufacturing PMI showed good results previously this week indicating towards a healthy economy. The Services PMI data is closely analyzed by central banks, financial markets and analysts, as it gives an inclination into the financial businesses running across the country. The PMI data is a good indicator of economic trends during the month of February. Investors and analyst will get a better clue about the changing economic conditions in comparison with government statistics. The data will have considerable impact on the currency.

Eurozone-Interest Rate Decision (Mar) – Thursday 12:45 GMT

The European central bank officials gather this week on Thursday to ponder over the hike in interest rate pertaining to the Eurozone. The current situation in the Eurozone, is quite hectic, with an outstanding German economy contributing to the welfare of the Eurozone, but a Greece that is not faring well. Greece still faces worries of bailout program, and the decision taken by the ECB will have direct effects on the Euro. Considering the actual overview of ECB on the economy of Eurozone being not so dovish, therefore, there might be a rise in interest rate. This decision might be positive for the economy. Else if the decision is otherwise, it will be bearish for the economy.

United-States- Non-Farm payroll (Feb)– Friday 13:30 GMT

The United States sees a progressive but a slow economic development and overall the economy of the country remains strong across the globe. Currently the greenback seeks more support to soar higher on the charts. The market is being watched closely, and the Non-farm payrolls are being eagerly awaited in order to know the future trend of the dollar. The NFP will give a brief overview on the current employment situation in the country excluding the agricultural sector. The report will contain a detailed overview on the earnings, salary and number of working hours of workers pertaining to the concerned field. The NFP has great impact on the greenback.

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