Economic Calendar March 18

UK Average Earnings Index + Bonus (Jan) – Wednesday - 09:30 GMT

The United-Kingdom falls within the G7 countries and is the most performing economy amongst all. The UK economy remains strong, but the GBP is not showing a good performance on the charts for some time now, as it navigates in the lower regions of the chart. The release of the data pertaining to Average Earnings index including bonus, will come to throw light on the actual performance of the economy. The Average earnings measures change in price pertaining to businesses and government pay for labor including businesses. It is a good indication of personal income growth within a certain range of time. Average earning index rose by a seasonally adjusted 2.1 percent last year in December, and depicted a higher than expected reading. The data scheduled for tomorrow is expected to be bullish, if it increases, else it will be bearish for the GBP.

United-States – Fed Chair Yellen Speaks – Wednesday – 14:30 GMT

All eyes are focused on the speech of the Federal Reserve head, Janet Yellen, scheduled for tomorrow. The hike in rates are being impatiently waited for in the United-States. Following disappointing data readings for the past weeks in the U.S., traders want to gather more information concerning the future monetary policy. Janet Yellen, has a control over short termed interest rates and exerts much influence over the dollar’s movement and evolution. No other person, has such control, even in the Federal Reserve. Traders always lend a close ear to these speeches, as they often give hints about future monetary policy guidance. The speech may have a drastic influence on the greenback.

Eurozone – ECB Economic Bulletin – Thursday – 09:00 GMT

The Economic bulletin was formerly known as the monthly bulletin, and comprises of data that are used in order to evaluate interest rates. it has been two weeks since the European Central Bank set the interest rate at 0,05 percent. It was a reading which was really low, with regards to the performance of the Eurozone, amidst a devaluating euro as well as, Greece’s bailout program. The European central bank releases an economic bulletin as of two weeks from the announcement of the interest rates. The bulletin will further give an indication on the current and future economic conditions.

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Warren Tancredi By: Warren Tancredi