Economic Calendar

China– HSBC Manufacturing PMI (Feb) – Wednesday 01:45 GMT

The Chinese HSBC Manufacturing PMI will be released on Wednesday, attracting the focus of many investors while high volatility is noticed on the global market, with uncertainties regarding Greece debt talks. The PMI data is closely analyzed since central banks, financial markets and business decision makers, contribute to an accurate and up-to-date data. The Chinese HSBC Manufacturing PMI is a good indicator of economic trends during the month of February. Considering last month's data, output for China rose and stabilized further orders for the economy, thus, a positive data is expected. China will be back in the reigns of the financial market tomorrow after a prolonged Lunar New Year holiday, and though output sees a seasonal plunge, it is expected to pick up as soon as possible.

Germany- German Unemployment Change (Feb) – Thursday 08:55 GMT

The German Unemployment change will be released on Thursday, throwing light on the number of people seeking job and who are currently unemployed. This data will reflect the economic situation of the country, and is a very important data since analysts will watch its evolution, to get a better insight, if the economy is doing well in order to generate enough jobs around the country. In January 2015, unemployment in Germany diminished by 8 thousand, after a fall in unemployment in December 2014 by 25 thousand. Since the economy of Germany is running smoothly, a positive reading is expected depicting a bullish German economic market.

United-States- GDP (QoQ) (Q4) – Friday 13:30 GMT

The United States sees a progressive but a slow economic development since data being released across the U.S. are not depicting good results. On the same length, yesterday the existing home sales for U.S., were disappointing together with, retail sales which were also discouraging the week before. The quarterly GDP data for the U.S. is expected to decrease by 0.5 percent, indicating an economy which is not seeing enough progress despite it remains the number one economy across the globe. The GDP data will measure the monetary value of all finished goods and services produced within the country for the last quarter. If the reading is below the previous reading, it will indicate a bearish economy, otherwise, bullish.

Warren Tancredi By: Warren Tancredi