European Union- new team seeks parliament approval

The European Union started since yesterday a nine-day series of confirmation hearings at the parliament to choose a new management team to re-gain lost voters back.   This fixation of a new management is also being re-considered as an attempt to boost the EU economy.   27 nominees were being quizzed on current issues such as the Brussels’ power, the trade rules between U.S and Russia, telecom mergers & Internet Privacy, developing world and migratory birds over Malta.   The relevant committees approved the four discussed topics nevertheless; activists and lawmakers did critique some of the points.   Currently, the parliamentary committee decisions have been postponed for next Tuesday with solid arguments against the incoming European Commission President Jean-Claude.   The new executive will likely take office on the First of November after the parliament votes.   A three-hour interview was conducted with Sweden's Cecilia Malmstrom, Germanany’s Guenther Oettinger, Croatian Neven Mimica and Karmenu Vella of Malta. Source: Reuters
Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn
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