Facebook leading at F8 Conference – What traders should know

Facebook - F8 Conference

Two days during which Facebook redefined how we perceived social media and its uses in our daily life. Facebook’s F8 Conference held on the 12th and 13th April 2016 at Fort Mason Center San Francisco, revealed the 10 year vision of Facebook and how it intends to transform the world of communications with its new technologies. Here are the main outcomes of the conference.

With “Everyone” written on the Facebook brand blue, Mark Zuckerberg explained the 10 year vision of his company - focusing on how to connect everyone and how to allow anyone to share anything. Supporting this new approach, Facebook announced  a series of new technologies that it will enforce its monopoly on social networking and communication. These new technologies are, for instance, artificial intelligence and advanced virtual reality. But, the “star” of the conference is undeniably the chatbots aiming to bridge the gap between companies and their customers. Besides these, Facebook also made a commitment to provide internet and facilitate communication for almost 4 billion people on earth who don’t have internet access - thus expecting to reach 1.6 million Facebook users. Let’s go in depth with 3 takeaways of Facebook F8 Conference.

The Chatbots

Using the latest artificial intelligence techniques, Chatbots are special software that identify and understand what users are saying or typing. But, they do not stop here, these bots are able to respond to queries and help you executing tasks - thus reducing the time you are spending searching for a solution as these are automated according to your usage pattern. A recent example of a bot is Apple’s Siri which is capable of communicating with the phone user and respond to queries and help you execute tasks. But, differing from Apple’s Siri, Zuckerberg’s chatbots will combine text-messaging applications and thriving artificial-intelligence techniques as a way to understand the users faster and effectively. Facebook expects its chatbots to be able to understand and have some “memory” of past endeavours of the users as a way to help make life easier.

  The Chatbots

Facebook Chatbox strategy aims at creating an open environment where businesses will be able to address the different requests of its customers. It is to be noted that there is small human intervention in the process as the bots are automated and programmed to learn and respond to the requests accordingly . For example, let’s say you are at home and you really want to know what is happening in the world. You will eventually pick up your phone and search for information on what is happening in the world - even on your Facebook timeline, provided you “liked” news reporting pages. The Chatbots will change this way of looking for information. As such, you will be able to directly communicate with the chatbot, of CNN for example, and request for the correct information. CNN’s Chatbot will then retrieve the best results according to your request. How good is that? This human to machine conversation will change the way information reaches to people around the world.

Facebook’s Hardwares

From its beginning, Facebook always focused on its online presence with the different amendments to its social platform. But in the coming years, this will happen to change. In fact, Facebook is going on a real mission to bring innovation to the world of communication. From the conference, we saw that the billion dollar company is going into the hardware market with its 360 degrees camera and its Virtual Reality oculus headset. Almost all tech companies are investing in the development of virtual reality systems but Facebook intends to gain the hegemony in this field as well - bringing even more innovation to this new field.

Facebook's Hardwares

Going in the same philosophy as in all of its application and software, Zuckerberg wants to make Facebook virtual reality even more social - allowing users to take selfies within the virtual place. Imagine yourself taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower or in Central Park and all this while sitting in your office. Can Facebook go even further? Yes, it can as its virtual reality also allows two or more users to meet up in the virtual space and discover places together and even take selfies together.  To make this project even more credible - a live demo was shown on the stage of the F8 Conference. However, a lot of critics are arising from the launch. While some appraise the willingness to connect people easily - others tend to depict the virtual reality system as a way to promote fake experiences. One aspect of design which is criticized even more is the ‘avatar’ use instead of a full fledged virtual reality. On another note, Facebook also unveiled a $ 30 000 camera capable of shooting videos in 360 degrees.

Internet for all

During the conference, Facebook also revealed its two terrestrial projects, namely ARIES and Terragraph - striving to hone internet access for areas not having proper connection. Terragraph aims at providing high speed internet to crowded areas with the use of street antennas.The Terragraph system is optimized for high-volume, low-cost production. Facebook made use of the latest industrial design to facilitate faster connectivity and easier deployability over dense areas.

Internet for all

On the other side, ARIES will concentrate on bringing fast internet to low density areas but with lower speed. The point to be noted here is the fact that Facebook is developing these two projects under an umbrella of a new non-profit organization named the Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP) and envision to push technology in every corner of the world while fostering an open environment for communication.

What traders should take out from these

A lot of information were revealed during Facebook’s F8 Conference. These represents a lot of substantial information for traders to make proper trade investment opportunities.

Research and Analysis

Following the release of Chatbots and other communication applications, Traders will have a real bank of information easily available to them. Whether it is consulting the news for daily events or reading the news to identify the trends happening after major events. Furthermore traders will be able to complement the use of our mobile application with exhaustive information from the world combined with our trading signals.

Stock Value

The new developments have given Facebook traders a little bit more optimism regarding their investment and future value of Facebook’s stocks. Before the F8 Conference , Facebook stock price was evaluated at 110.61 USD and ended at 110.51 USD on the 13th of April. The stock price eventually increased afterwards as investors started to be more confident about the future value of Facebook. Traders should be able to identify these trends as they happen and follow the new technologies that Facebook intend to implement.

Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn