Federal Reserve – September meeting minutes

The Federal Reserve is set to review interest rates given the economic outlook of the U.S but is sceptic about the global slowdown as seen on the minutes.   Also, with the dollar gaining in strength, the policy meeting remained level-headed, contesting the impact it will have over the inflation level.   The Fed likewise anticipated the effect of the economic turmoil in Europe and Asia which is likely going to keep policies under check for the future.   The meeting’s minute also revealed anomalies in terms of the global financial markets being unaligned with U.S pace   It is to be noted that at the time where the dollar has started its ascension, global growth is starting to pull down.   Fed might be pushed for another meeting in the near future to discuss the probabilities of lifting interest rates.   As per the agenda, interest rates might be increased by the mid of next year; Wall Street economists are also expecting a rise in 2015.   Nevertheless, the Fed agreed over the fact that global issues will adversely affect the interest rate decisions.   Source: Reuters
Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn
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