Here’s Google new CEO

Here's Google New CEO

Big swings are taking place in the stock market, where on one side things are going down by China, on the other hand, some promising talents are being promoted.

Many investors follow technology stocks such as Apple, Google and Microsoft and they like to know what is going on inside these huge technology blocks. Here's what's new…Google has a new CEO and he is not ordinary as deemed by many other people. He already has a strong market value and has impressed many over the year. He is, Sundar Pichai and was born in Chennai, India.

A matter of pride indeed for many Indians where many programmers and developers aspire to reach to the same spot as Pichai one day. However, this opportunity comes to only a few lucky people and unfortunately not everybody can become CEO. Pichai has earned this status and he has reached to this spot after numerous years of hard work and determination.

Some people say, he is already an idol to follow, especially with an indian background, it always returns to a matter of pride for an indian. India is a country which deals with heavy structural changes and development but at the same time, has a heavy weight of poverty. Being an indian and to stand out making a name for yourself in the United- States is indeed not a small matter. So india is not restricted to being a land of Bollywood movies, it can also shine in other fields, taking into consideration that India has maybe the best IT professionals around the world.

Who is Sundar Pichai?

Sundar Pichai is born in Chennai and is apparently the first CEO of Google who is not a white man. He has studied at the Indian Insitute of Technology of Kharagpur in India and came to United-States to study at Stanford.

He is a man of dedication and has slowly taken over almost all Google Consumer products. Pichai initiated his career at Google in 2004 and worked on the search toolbar for Google's Browser. The company was mainly known for its search engine and within time, Pichai brought in huge changes in creation of Chrome which has today surpassed Microsoft's Internet Explorer and became the most popular Browser. Pichai is actually the reason for which you might be using Google Chrome.

Slow and steady wins the race, goes a popular saying; Sundar Pichai has over the years also worked on Gmail and Google Docs in the year 2011. He is the person behind the success of several Google consumer products. He has also taken over android, which is one of the most important division at Google, as Google competed with Apple on mobile supremacy. Preceding the former CEO Larry Page, Pichai has within years become the most trustworthy person of Larry.

Pichai has now a lot of work to do and will have plenty of divisions to handle at Google. With around 55,000 employees, it is a real challenge for Pichai to make all the teams play along and get the desired result. However, he has made a name for himself in the industry and will stay for a while. Let's wait for further big things at Google.

Some of the technology stocks you might be ignoring

Staying in the context of huge giants in the technology world, it would be nice to show you which are the emerging other tech giants in the world which are gaining quite some momentum. Existing tech giants and emerging giants are competing for a larger space on the market. However, there exist some of the tech giants that you must not ignore this year and take your bet on them.

Fundamental changes and high volatility on the market are making shares go down, but if a closer attention is given to these same stocks, you may find what is more convenient for you to trade. The list of course does not comprise of small companies, but though they are big enough, a study on them will show how fruitful they can be.

What boosts Technology stocks

The technology sector represents a large section of the entire stock market which might even surpass industrial or the financial sector. Technology companies might look meagre, but they thrive on innovation and this is the current demand of the world. Changes is what people expect and whoever gives the fastest internet communication wins the race. These tech giants normally introduce new products and render lives easier. But as they can shine, they can also die out very quickly since changes are extremely unpredictable on this market. A company can emerge tomorrow and bring the exact innovation that people want and the next second you may forget Twitter, Google or any other company. But companies like Twitter, Google have innovated over the years to keep you engaged, thus you know that they won't die so soon. The main idea behind this is to always remain competitive and be part of the cycle which innovates and never stops innovating. It is an intense competition out there and here are the four tech giants you should look out for this year.

1. Netflix
2. Amazon
3. Electronic Arts
4. Gigamon

A review on these four tech giants

Netflix is quoted on NASDAQ and the stock is rocket propelled right now. However Netflix was the best-performing stock the S&P 500 for the first quarter of this month. This stock is deemed as a revolution in the entertainment business and is one of the largest source of internet traffic in the North America.

Certain companies such as the Gigamon Inc is less noticed by investors and this stock is quoted on the NYSE. It is a fabric and networking company and during the second quarter of this year the stock has gained 80 percent of gains in share value which represents around 163 percent of increase.

Moving on, we have the Amazon, which has created havoc by surpassing Walmart as the world's largest retailer and is a stock to look forward to. This month, the company's worth was a whopping $250 billion and this stock is extremely bullish. Keep an eye on Amazon.

Lastly, Electronics Arts Inc which is video games, quoted on the NASDAQ and has seen a monstrous growth this year. The company is considered to be a sustainable one and has anchored a nice position on the market.


Tech giants are taking the global market by storm and are incredible stocks to trade on offering a nice range of gains. Scrutinize the market since volatility is high on the market and have a look at the stocks mentioned, they can generate nice trading opportunities.

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