India Mars Mission Successful

India’s Mangalyaan spacecraft is the first to have landed on Mars with a budget of only $74 million on its first attempt.   The most remarkable aspect of this mission is the cost at which the mission became successful; an achievement that other large nations have failed into.   Prime Minister Narendra Modi commented that Hollywood thriller Gravity costed much more than this spacecraft initiative.   The U.S Maven satellite accounted to a budget of $671 million while 2003 European Space Agency amassed $200 million to launch the project.   The India Mars mission is now ranked among the successful space exploration including U.S, Russia and Europe. Meanwhile China and Japan have encountered difficulties during their Mars mission.   Critics however have been pouring against Indian Prime Minister with this Mars mission, stating that enough is not being done on a social level.   Nevertheless, India can be proud over the success of its mission because the annual budget allocated to the Indian Space Research (ISRO) for 2014 is of $1.2 billion. NASA on its part has an annual budget of around $17.5 billion.   Noting the discrepancies in income levels, India’s highly skilled aerospace engineers receive an average salary of $1000 per month, a figure which is very less compared to their U.S counterparts.   Source: CNN Money
Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn
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