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Contrary to popular belief, trading is not difficult and is not reserved for a few privileged ones. Making big bucks is the prerogative of anyone with a basic understanding of the financial market. This article will depict the basic binary options tips that traders should adopt to get the best of their trading experience and achieve higher returns.

Trading is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you are motivated enough to make it work for you, you will definitely move mountains. Not as complicated as Forex trading, binary trading is the solution to access the markets in the simplest way. While we have many traders who are keen to start trading, a bunch of them nevertheless are ignorant on how the industry works. Below are some tips that can help traders understand binary options but most importantly use these tips to earn a side income.

Tip 1: Learning


Why is learning important in binary options? We stressed on the learning element at multiple occasions throughout our blog and on BigOption’s trading platform. In fact, learning is key when trading binary options. Often, we come across traders who have lost all their invested capital through wrong moves and eventually are unsatisfied with their trading experience.

BigOption has set up an Academy section for beginners to grasp the rudimentary features of Binary Trading. The academy have articles, videos and ebooks depending on your preferences, providing extensive Tips for Beginner Binary Options Traders. These can be consulted at anytime. In fact, there are a couple of financial jargons which you need to master to fully understand the key parameters of binary options. The academy will definitely help you in this quest.

All the information have been disseminated into two distinctive sections, for both beginners and advanced traders. As a beginner you will get all the tools necessary to familiarise yourself with the platform. A progressive approach needs to be adopted to learn the various aspect of Binary Options Trading.

Nevertheless, if you are more of an experienced trader and want to bring in more challenge into your trading journey, you could look out for more high-ends strategies that could possibly add an oomph in your portfolio. You are not only limited to what is being presented to you, do your own research and come up with strategies that you can potentially make you earn a decent return on investment. But bear in mind, the sooner you get to that, the quicker you will be in the game.

From a recent survey that we have conducted among our new traders, it has been seen that most of them fall prey of strategies guaranteeing them millions overnight. Proper binary options knowledge would definitely limit the number of users losing their investment in this way. If you are new to options trading, we would highly request you to talk to your Expert Trader or one of our support officers to dissipate all the wrong information that you might have.

Tip 2: Use the Features at Hand


Most of the times when trading binary options, traders are reluctant to use the tools that are offered to them. Finding the right fit is important when starting to trade. At BigOption, we try implementing tools that we deem will help traders on different levels. For instance, traders will find the social trading known as ProFollow. Designed for both novice and experienced traders, social trading can be a feature that can be used both as a strategy in terms of diversification or as a mean of learning. In fact, new traders can still count on social trading to get a return on investment despite not knowing anything in options trading. They can then use this time to study what trading is all about. Unlike popular belief, social trading can be really worthwhile because leading traders ,whose profits are skyrocketing, are actually regrouped allowing other traders to copy and profit from the same assets.

Another feature that is somewhat forgotten is the Strategy Advisor more commonly known as the trading calculator. Derived from technical tools mainly from the Relative Strength Indicator, Bollinger Bands and the Moving Average, this trading calculator has been enhanced to give traders an in-depth analysis of what is happening on specific markets. Available on the Classic Tool, the calculator can be used for all the assets available. Traders who find it hard to make use of technical analysis can combine their news analysis with the trading calculator analysis.

Tips 3: Risk Management


It is important that traders are able to have a proper control over their investments. They need to learn to trade while setting up their own personal guidelines, which is a prerequisite for a proper trade. Assets fluctuates within seconds and without a proper investment plan, this might cause losses if the chosen asset is not performing well on the market. As a solution, we recommend traders to invest on several assets at the same time hence decreasing the risk in the eventuality of a downfall in the assets’ price. Moreover, if you have $300 in your trading account, establish a limit which you won't exceed per trade. For instance, setting your limit to 10 % in one trade, place yourself on the safe side, making sure that if you incur a loss then you are not losing more than 10 % of your overall money.

In the right direction…


With these binary options tips in hand, you can already make a first step towards reaping profits through your investments. You need to exploit your skills and adapt them to market demands, to make profits. The financial environment is very dynamic, it keeps on evolving, even experienced traders are constantly at the go, learning to adapt their skills. Overtime, You also need to understand the macro environment which will help you understand the relationship between the changing rates of assets with the financial environment. Bottom line, focus on grasping a maximum of information, learn to trade in an effective way, and expand your knowledge base for more accurate trades.

Warren Tancredi By: Warren Tancredi