Nike’s new inspiration

Nike new self lacing shoe


It seems that automation is the new trend, after the concept of the self-driving car now comes the turn of the self-tying sneakers. Nike announced that it will soon release its brand new sneakers on the market. This announcement promises to literally revolutionize the shoe industry.

The future of the shoe industry is here and has been initiated by Nike. The American multinational is the first company in the world to launch a self-tying shoe. The specificity of this sneaker is that it is able to tie itself without any manual interventions.

How it works

The new sneaker has a sensor implemented in the heel which allows it to detect the foot of the user. Once detected, the shoe ties the laces accordingly in order to ensure a total comfort for the user. Besides, the new sneaker is equipped with a manual feature which allows the user to adjust the shoes in case it is too loose or too tightened. Furthermore, the manual component is also here in case the battery runs out.

What’s next

Nike has always be the pioneer of sports apparels and fitness tracking since years and is now coming up with new products. In addition to this new shoe, the giant sportswear firm is also launching a revamped version if its Nike+ running application. The revised application will grant a preferential access to the users of the new self-tying sneakers. Moreover, the multinational is also launching an array of other new products such as soccer cleats and transparent air-filled soles.

Nike is very determined to beat competition this year by focusing on innovation and technology. This new shoes is expected to create a real buzz as it is the first self-lacing shoes on the market.

Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn