Scotland independence- the ‘No’ side takes over debate

Out of 32, 31 council areas have voted against the Scotland independence referendum, bringing the ‘No’ side to a higher level.   First Minister Alex Salmond had called upon the collaboration of Scotland residents to voice out their opinion over the matter which came out to be negative. A higher amount of people view this independence pact as unfavourable for Scotland.   Mr Salmond duly acknowledged defeat but stated that this endeavour brought unity and is step forward toward democracy.   He maintains that his service to Scotland and United Kingdom will remain constant.  Mr Samlond likewise probed out the positive aspects of this referendum, claiming that it managed to bring a younger generation to politics and reveal their sense of concern for their country.   UK Prime Minister David Cameron also pledged for national unity sensing the probable inequality that the Scottish Parliament undergoes.   Following this independence referendum, David Cameron launched a series of action to empower the Scottish Parliament.   In the upcoming days, new administrative laws will be introduced to provide more power to Scotland, enabling Scottish MPs to have their say over Britain’s events. Source: BBC News
Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn
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