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Top the BigOption Binary Options Christmas Trading Competition

This year's trading competition is definitely a step ahead and BigOption catered to render it accessible to not only high rollers but passive traders too. Behind this possibility, lies the competition's judicious and well designed scoring system which if used intelligently, can translate into better scores. You did not figure it out yet?

Well, as per our scoring system, every trade stands for 10 points, every 'in-the-money' trades stands for 5 points and every dollar invested stands for one point.

A huge investment will undoubtedly bring a lot of points. Yet, these points can be increased if the investment is spread in multiple trades.

Why? Because more trades would mean 10 points on each trade and that would also increase the chances of getting points on more 'in-the-money' trades.

Here is an example:
Trader A has $500. He can place them in 1 trade and win 515 points if he is 'in-the-money'. However, if he places them in 5 trades, and even if all of them are out of the money, he will score more points!

CASE 1: One trade of $500- 'in-the-money'

  Points per trade amount Points per win points per position Total points
1 (1x500)+ (1x5) + (1x10) = 510

Total: 510

CASE 2: Five Trades of $100 each, all 'out-of-the-money'

  Points per trade amount Points per win points per position Total points
1 (1x100)+ (1x0) + (1x10) = 110
2 (1x100)+ (1x0) + (1x10) = 110
3 (1x100)+ (1x0) + (1x10) = 110
4 (1x100)+ (1x0) + (1x10) = 110
5 (1x100)+ (1x0) + (1x10) = 110

Total: 550

Simple right?

So what are you waiting for? Get on top of the leaderboard.

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What else can get you more points?

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