Goodbye 2015: Summing up the year with BigOption

Looking back, 2015 seems to have passed by in a jiffy. It was a busy year for BigOption on all upfront. Now, almost at the dusk of 2015, let’s head into a retrospective of the staggering changes that marked BigOption’s calendar.

Birth of Trader’s Edge

The backbone of options trading is learning and the deciding factor of continuous success in this field relies heavily on trader’s dedication to absorb and apply what they have learnt. BigOption has received multiple requests from beginners for a strategic curriculum to initiate them to trading. In this optic, BigOption Traders Edge saw the dawn. Laden with in-depth videos primarily, it is the most comprehensive library of the fundamentals of options trading. Traders will also find an e-book that reiterates the essentials of binary options. In addition to the BigOption Academy, Traders Edge is the little extra that zest up the whole trading experience. Traders who already have an account with BigOption can access Trader’s Edge for free even if they have not yet funded their trading account.


BigOption introduced its series of high-end webinars geared towards providing traders with an all-encompassing trading companion. The BigOption webinar series have been designed to empower traders through an interactive methodology allowing two-way communication. There are different webinar sessions namely the Beginner’s webinar, the Fundamental and Technical Analysis webinar and the Events Trading webinar. Two important aspects that were taken into consideration before outlining the topics that were to be dealt with in the webinars were relevancy and training. The relevancy criterion notably gave birth to the different types of webinars targeting traders of different abilities. For instance, the Beginner’s Webinar as the name suggests mainly regroup traders having zero to minimum binary options knowledge. The Fundamental and Technical Analysis on the other hand regroups intermediate to advanced traders dealing with strategies that can be used for profitable trading. The Events Trading nevertheless encompasses all target audiences and deals with financial events’ impact on assets. Ultimately, it guides traders on how to effectively trade on these events. These webinars also act as the basis of a communication platform where all traders get the opportunity to interact with the Financial Expert, Mike Roberts and voice their queries. Mike has been on the financial markets for years and has all the expertise required to coach traders for successful binary options trading. Questions and answers with an expert is what makes the whole difference. This is one major advantage that traders receive in comparison to the other learning materials available on BigOption’s trading platform.

Best Trading Signals Award

Another astounding event of the year was the Best Trading Signals Award attributed by BinaryRanking. This recognition is stardom at its best because trading signals are the most sought-after trading tool and being recognized as the institution providing the finest binary signals is exceptional. BigOption trading signals have undergone many improvisations before becoming one of the best in the industry. This award was also attributed mainly due to its popularity among traders and also because of its accuracy and simplicity. Trading signals are one among the trading tools that have stuck long in the industry despite the afflux of multiple trading alternatives. Among the lot, there is social trading and robot trading. BigOption nevertheless, upon popular demand, has consistently provided signals and has invested efforts to improve the quality of the service provided. During the years, experienced programmers have designed and applied proven methodologies to render the backend of the software even more sophisticated. The Best Trading Signals Award by BinaryRanking comes to reward the hard-work behind the team.

Customer Support

One more area that BigOption has worked upon this year is Customer Support. With a growing customer list, providing guidance at every step is not less than an uphill battle. At BigOption, quality has never been bargained over mediocre service. This 2015, a new crew of support officers were recruited and trained under the BigOption aisle. In terms of training, new recruits underwent a series of theoretical and practical courses aimed at polishing their skills. The philosophy at BigOption is investing in team members so that they can deliver quality service at all levels. The structure also underwent some modifications, whereby more accentuation was put on training. On the same wavelength, more automation was brought to the communication system assuring the smoothest and best binary options experience.

Final Note

2016 will be another year full of surprises. BigOption once again resolute to bring more innovation on its trading platform ensuring that traders relish from a state-of-the art platform. 2015 was one of the years where the pace was set for changes and 2016 will keep up the trend.

Warren Tancredi By: Warren Tancredi