Tesla Motors’ new car not an April’s Fool

Tesla new Model 3 Sedan

On Thursday, Tesla Motors presented a prototype of its new Model 3 sedan. Since then, the pre orders are pouring in. The car manufacturer announced that more than 130 000 potential buyers had ordered the new vehicle even if the production is due to begin only in 2017.

Tesla Motors’ new electric car is much coveted and the announcement of its future launching has already positively impacted on the company’s shares which surged lately. This new Model 3 sedan is made up of four compact sleek doors and has a panoramic panel glass from front to back. Besides, the new car will form part of the very select group of gasoline-fueled vehicles which already counts BMW 3-series, Chevrolet Bolt EV and Audi A4.

A real BUZZ.

The last time an event stirred up so many fans was months back when Apple Inc launched its new iPhone 6. Likewise, this time it's Tesla’s new car which has attracted a horde of fans who camped out all night long outside the company’s stores in California just to have the opportunity to submit deposits on the new vehicle. Furthermore, the company announced that the starting price of the vehicle will be of $35,000 which is considered as a very affordable price for an electric car.

In addition, the electric car manufacturer has high hopes that this new member of the family will help the company reach the 500 000 sold cars per year, in line with the objective set earlier. For the time being, according to the volume of pre orders registered, this goal seems to be well under way.

Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn
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