Binary traders should know this, time to innovate


Bitcoin, Tesla, Google, Facebook … these are not new names, but they are now part of the hi-tech trading circle. All these binary options assets brought a revolt of change, a change that has long been part of the trading industry. Today, let’s get dig into the past performances of these assets and decipher why they are worth trading on.

In the course of time, many traders became less and less inclined to forex trading and opted for binary options instead. Nevertheless, there is handful of traders who are afraid of shifting to the new paradigm of trading. Be it binary options or any other sphere, change will come and you will be left wondering, why did I miss this or how could i not see this coming. I do not want you to lament, but I want you to seize opportunities as traders and take the best step in trading.

Innovation and technology is slowly stepping into binary options trading but most traders are afraid to let go of the traditional ways. Binary options has a lot to offer than what you normally know. I know many of you traders, who are reluctant to diversify and think if they step aside from what they normally do, they will lose everything. Excessive diversification is not good but exploring is a good way to know what you miss out on.

The fourth industrial revolution

What exactly is the fourth industrial revolution? It is what we are living right now, the automated systems, robotization, everything digital! Binary options essentially is a creation of the fourth industrial revolution. In fact, binary trading is walking in pace with the rapidly evolving technology.

The industry is growing fast and bear in mind that all the assets that you probably trade in binary options are part of a bigger industry which sees changes on a frequent basis. So we need to adapt and change when the time comes so that we do not get left out.

Technological revolution is what awaits us ahead and this is just round the corner. The way we live, we work and communicate has changed certainly, but there is more to come. The humankind will experience a change not seen before, that will challenge our fundamentals but to survive we will have to play along. The cyber technology is taking the world by storm and huge stocks that you may trade such as Google, Apple, Cisco systems, Facebook, Bitcoin and so on will undergo alterations. Almost every industry in the world is concerned here, as systems pertaining to production, management and governance will modify. Well, it seems that i might be announcing a world war or anything but no, I am simply talking of changes. When huge stocks that you trade, commodities that you invest in or indices that you trust move towards changes, you need to be there. Look at the trends, see what’s changing and explore the potential that they hold. This will lead you towards exponential gains.

If many of you traders have been trading for a while now, you will know that binary options has evolved and many assets that people trade have changed too.

Crude prices

Crude prices were once trading at a higher price and even touched the line of $100 a barrel. However, within one and a half year, everything tumbled for traders who used to believe that crude prices shall remain high. Since crude is a valuable commodity, many investors and producers took the latter for granted. Within years, things evolved, with demand getting weaker and supply getting stronger. Many other alternatives of producing crude made their advent in the crude market such as the U.S. shale oil. Who ever imagined that this would take prices down, or the demand for crude would go down? With cars going green and sustainable development making its mark, it’s difficult to think that crude will remain the most sought-after commodity.

Changes and artificial intelligence is all around us. The world is going digital with engineers and architects now combining computational design, engineering materials and synthetic biology to alter businesses, our homes and what we consume. In a world with growing demand for sustainable products, it’s hard to see crude really making its way into the core of markets. That was one example. So crude prices are going down, wonder how?

Innovation, a strong financial force

Innovation and technology have been a driving force for most stocks as seen for Tesla (TSLA) for example. In a span of five years, Tesla saw its share price rising up over 743 percent while S&P 500 grew only by 49 percent. Global leadership is not restricted to only a grab of industries or major stocks but competitivity obliges most companies to innovate as fast as they can. They all compete for global leadership and want to be in the run. This was the theme of the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, keeping in focus the fourth industrial revolution.

Tesla (TSLA)

How fast are we, how fast do we communicate and how fast do we trade? Cyber electronics play an important role on how fast the information gets to you for you to better take advantage of what is going around in binary options. For Tesla, the electric car maker, the vision turned more futuristic with the company now venturing in the energy sector. The company has many visions and other projects in view which is set to increase its share price and its goodwill on the market. Traders, who want to trade TSLA need to know the evolution in the company. Am sure you do not want to trade on assets for which you don't have an inkling.

Apple (AAPL)

Another well known key player in the technology world is Apple (AAPL). Apple’s ingenious move on the financial market was worth many appraisals by investors. Its breakthrough with Apple iPhone 6 and 6s models, gave a run to many giant technologists. Innovations, to my best knowledge, lineup for Apple and it may have many other things in its bag. Apple earlier introduced an iPhone with a 3D touch, an Apple TV which has now been turned into a gaming device and a larger iPad with a stylus which has taken the technology giant to new heights. This is what innovation is about. This stock which is quoted on the NASDAQ, with time has become a stock that is closely monitored by most investors and traders. The advent of iPhone 6 and 6s broke records and in some way encouraged other competitors in this line to come up with more innovative phones. Of course, we get an array of choice to choose from but meeting with what Apple has come up with is difficult. Fans of Apple also represent the number of traders who would vouch for Apple anytime. So you as a trader trading Apple, should be equipped with information of what is going on with your favourite stock.

The cycle of innovation and trading - the bottom line

Everybody knows how fast the world is moving and how demand and supply gets impacted by these modifications. Innovation has the capacity to replace what you consume daily with another thing that will with time also become something that you will want to consume daily. Everybody knows the downtrend of China, the devaluation of the Yuan, the Japanese Yen, the fall of asian shares, the slump of crude prices. As I explained, trading binary options is not a mere process, it is a system designed by others to enable you make worthwhile gains. But at times, it is also important to keep an eye on what is going on, the fundamentals, the technicals, the demand, the supply. Everything is subject to change and with the changing trends it’s best to know what you need to trade and what can affect your trades. Make the best choice, choose to know. Ignorance will lead you nowhere. Don’t miss out to trade on Apple someday just because you did not know it released a new phone, or Tesla just because you didn’t know that Elon Musk (Chairman of Tesla) plans to colonize the planet Mars. And yes it’s true.

Warren Tancredi By: Warren Tancredi