U.S Federal Reserve most awaited meeting

U.S Federal Reserve loads its action gun

The Federal Reserve most pivotal meeting of this year will be held next week with the agenda to re-consider interest rates. Monetary Policy and new strategies are also scheduled on the list.   While some are contemplating that interest rates will be maintained to its current level, as suggested by some internal Fed members, some are more in favour of a slight increase given the gradually expanding U.S economy.  

Time for change

An exit plan is also being considered for the current monetary policy. Following the changing scope of the economy, the Fed might not pull the same measures all over again.   A hike in interest rate after nearly 8 years in the world’s largest economy is what the financial markets are contemplating. The new concept developed by the Central Bank’s New York branch is also under limelight. This strategy consists in limiting the excess of liquidity circulating across the country.  

Cards on the table

Fed’s chair Janet Yellen has previously been gauging the possibilities of an increase in interest rates. But the gradually consolidating economy and the influx of somewhat soft figures have been two extremes after which a concrete decision has not been taken.
Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn
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