UK election 2015: David Cameron is ready to rule again

David Cameron's Conservatives party is ready to rule Britain for another five years after having won the UK election 2015.

However, it is certain that they will have to deal with renewed calls for Scottish independence following a boost from nationalists.

Ed Miliband, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, accepted defeat on Friday and stated that he was "deeply sorry" for a "very disappointing and difficult night".

On the other hand, Cameron mentioned that he wished to form a government after having enjoyed a "very strong night".

According to some pollsters, it seemed impossible to rule out an overall Conservative majority and the latest BBC projection suggested that the Conservatives could win up to 325 seats.

In fact, having 323 seats in parliament is enough to lead a majority as four lawmakers from Northern Ireland's Sinn Fein refused to take their places.

Does a Conservative victory mean that Britain is likely to face a historic in-out European Union referendum within two years which is something Cameron had promised to deliver if re-elected? The answer is yes.

A constitutional expert, Professor Vernon Bogdanor mentioned that Cameron would be the first to obtain seats after Margaret Thatcher in 1983.

Ed Miliband, who performed better in the campaign than expected will have to step down in the coming hours.

If the exit poll is right, is this an indication that three of Britain's political parties would soon be looking for a new leader? Well, let’s wait and watch.

Source: Reuters
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