Vladimir Putin addresses Russian audience – Ukraine in focus

During a live televised phone-in addressing the Russian audience, Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned Ukraine's government economic obstruction. According to Vladimir Putin, there were no Russian groups in Ukraine.

Moscow denied Western charges concerning arming and reinforcing the rebels. In addition, Vladimir Putin pointed out that the murderers of one of his leading critics, Boris Nemtsov who was shot on 27 February near the Kremlin, might never be found.

Moreover, Vladimir Putin also rejected the fact that Ukraine's President, Petro Poroshenko had proposed to allow Russia have the rebel-held areas in the Donbas region. The rebels rejected Kiev's rule and are, in fact, getting humanitarian aid from Russia.

According to Vladimir Putin, there are many problems there and he believes that the present Kiev authorities do not want to restore the social sphere or the economy of Donbas. He further added that he perceives a complete hindrance for Donbas and that the Ukrainian authorities are themselves blocking Donbas.

In addition, Vladimir Putin stated that he had told business leaders that he did not expect EU-US sanctions that had been imposed over Russia's actions in Ukraine to be lifted soon. He further mentioned that it would be advantageous to use this situation to reach a new level of development.

Vladimir Putin also mentioned that the Russian economy would take about two years or less to overcome recession as the rouble's value was rising again. Furthermore, according to him, there were positive signs that Russian agriculture was also growing as well as replacing imports of Western food.

Source: BBC News
Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn