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BigOption - Binary Options TradingHello mighty traders! This is Priscilla Camryn, marketing manager at BigOption. With the wave of rapid changes in the binary options industry, I knew that typical and common binary options service would not last long. This blogging journey is far more than a supportive component of the BigOption platform, it is a complete revelation in terms of concise and up-to-date information. The flow of binary options is practically comparable to the speed of light; economic events keep pouring the whole day.

This is why, when the BigOption team was re-grouped for brainstorming session, the idea of blogging did not take long to hail approval. We knew that Facebook and Twitter were the commonalities of social media, but the undeniable component was blogging. We needed a platform that could synchronise functionality and provide a sense of belongingness to traders. So here we are, bringing much more in terms of learning and we hope that you ultimately feel part of the BigOption family.

Unparalleled by the usual flow of information, we will strive to give to you the best of binary options. If you think of binary options, think of BigOption. As you will see on the platform, we have our Trader’s Digest corner that will help you study the trends in the binary options industry. Our continuous effort will be to innovate and bring quality information to you.

BigOption’s blog will cater for the need of both experienced and novice traders. No matter your know-how in binary options, we are sure to give you information that will change your daily trading experience.

I am personally thrilled at the idea of getting more reaction from you traders. We hope to hear more from your side!

Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn