What Democrats and Republicans have to say after Brussels’ Attacks


Brussels attacks, which led to 31 confirmed deaths and 200 injured, shed a light on the dangers of terrorism and radicalization in Europe. Meanwhile, this tragic news dominated the debate between Republicans and Democrats in the US.

Will the American International position change with the Republicans and Democrats each having their own opinion?

The American Situation today


Since the attacks of 9/11, the United States of America have enforced their borders’ security. It adopted a strict political approach regarding its migration process and international presence with its allies in the Arabian countries. For instance, since the barbaric attacks of 09/11, that killed nearly 3000, the US migration and refugees admittance have become more strict - with a process of 21 steps that can sometimes last for more than one year. However, this showed the effectiveness of the American border control with 800 000 relocated refugees and immigrants that never got legal prosecutions against them.
On a global note, the current Syrian crisis led to thousands of people fleeing Syria and crossing borders in an attempt to find refuge in much safer countries. America’s position regarding this crisis is often criticized as there is a native hatred feeling towards the American Muslim community. Recent gun-shootings marginalized this community. The situation was unfortunately used by some of the contenders to push forward their law and security practice reforms.

Obama’s position to Brussels’ attacks


Addressing the Cuban citizens at Havana's Grand Theatre, President Barack Obama pointed out that Cuba had nothing to fear from the US as he came to bury the remnants of the last cold war between the two countries. Obama urged all the countries to unite against terrorism and promised the necessary support to the Belgian. Other American Political leaders such as Mitch McConnell and John Kasich followed the way.

Going back to the early start of his first mandate in 2009, Obama made drastic changes in the American laws. For instance, upon international critics from the human rights partisans, he banned waterboarding as a simulation tactic from the US officers to get information from terrorism suspects.

Current state of mind of the Americans

2016 Elections approaching, several questions are arising for the american citizens. Brussels attacks gave an insight of the two extreme political ideology from the US Presidential contenders. Will America go back to a totalitarian state or one where it focuses on improving its current procedures as way to secure the nation?

Waterboarding for Trump...


Speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Donald Trump called for a waterboarding comeback and usage of other torture techniques as ways to strengthen the hold of America on its interior security and to “get information from these people”. Son of real estate tycoon Fred Trump, he called for an enforcement of surveillance of mosques in the United States under his presidentship. He is even going further and proposed to have a temporary ban on muslims fouling the American soil. Regarding the International presence of the US, Trump is willing to stop the influx of illegal immigrants and is questioning the financial contribution of America to NATO’s security policy

and strict Muslim control for Cruz

Using his Social Media channels, Republican candidate, Ted Cruz on the other side, also urged for better control of the Southern American borders to prevent terrorist infiltration. He pointed out that, America should enforce its National security and implement action plans to detect radicalization and terrorists on the American soil. Among his plans, he proposed to create law enforcing agencies to patrol muslim’s neighbourhood.
Speaking to the press, the candidate who was recently backed by Former Republican candidate Jeb Bush as the best republican candidate to reach the White House, didn’t miss the opportunity to strongly criticized Trump approach towards Europe, most precisely towards NATO.

What will happen if US slowly moves away from NATO?


In an economic perspective, this will eventually lead to a slow but steady weakening of the American economy and it will lose its hegemony as the world “peace maker”. The domino effect will reach to the world as the strongest countries will try to gain control of the world markets.

What about Clinton, Sanders and the Democrats?


Former Secretary General, Hillary Clinton, shared her thoughts with the European community after the attacks via her Twitter account on Tuesday. She emphasized on the importance to have proper borders management without closing America to the world. Clinton is also against the backing of torture techniques by Mr Trump.

In fact, aware of the past drawbacks of these techniques whereby very often these resulted in abuse on the American detainees, she proposed an enforcement of the laws governing internal security. Clinton is also strongly against the isolationist approach that republican candidate, Donald Trump wants to enforce in the country. She believes such steps will eventually close commercial relationships between America and Europe.
“America does not cower in fear or hide behind walls. We lead and we succeed. Throughout our history we have stared into the face of evil and we have refused to blink.” said Clinton denouncing the steps taken by the GOP candidates on National security following the Brussel's attack.

Sanders in this

Clinton’s opponent to the seat of President for one of the world's biggest economy, Senator Sanders believe active information sharing between the investigation and surveillance agencies will lead to effectively detecting terrorists. He also added that strict surveillance of social media channels can help in identifying potential radicalization of internet users. The latter is opposing strict surveillance of the muslim community saying this will be considered going against the core values of the Americans.

What we can predict for the upcoming months

Indeed the Brussels attacks have shocked the world one more time and opened the eyes of Governments on the insecurities of even the biggest countries. In this open world, we cannot eliminate the risks of terrorism but we can educate and detect suspicious behaviours. The Americans will have to choose their President on the 8th of November. Whether it is adopting a safer America by being isolationist or opening its borders while improving its internal security policies, America’s next steps are closely looked upon.
Even the slightest decision taken regarding its security management or position towards Europe will have an effect on the world economy. It's a fact, that in the past, trade between US and Europe were difficult due to the European countries not willing to have the same safety standards as the US. However, these have changed since the attacks of Paris that killed over 100 people.

Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn