Yellen quickens the pace for meeting

Janet Yellen has taken a considerably a new approach with the reign of the Federal Reserve in her hands after her predecessor, Ben Bernanke.   This week is going to be decisive for Fed’s chair as economies worldwide are awaiting the concluding factors of the meeting.  This fiscal year has been laden with bon buying programs and the continuous decrease in interest rates.   Now that the bond-buying programs will come to an end next month, the Federal Reserve policy makers will have to seek out new strategies to boost the U.S economy. The meeting scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday is keeping the global economy in suspense.   While some argue that the Fed is taking too much time to act over interest rates, some believe that any hasty measures will create havoc in the current economic growth.   For this week’s meeting, Yellen has assured to take all Fed members suggestion into consideration.   Source: The Wall Street Journal  

Priscilla Camryn By: Priscilla Camryn