Daily Market Review

Daily Market Review September 27

U.S presidential elections campaign takes the markets by control. Indeed, yesterday’s live debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump created some agitation for specific assets. The debate did definitely leverage Clinton’s changes for the White House but simultaneously took Asian shares to the highs. Hillary, having been acclaimed as the winner of the debate by […]

Daily Market Review September 23

The Finance Minister of Japan, Taro Aso, said that the Japanese Government must not rely only on the Bank of Japan to provide a boost to its economy and consequently defeat deflation. After that, the Central Bank announced its decision to give new strengths to its monetary policy framework. Meanwhile, the number of Americans opting […]

Daily Market Review September 22

Keeping U.S. interest rates unchanged was a wise decision or not will remain the main cause of volatility during this week. The Fed preferred to adopt the wait and see method so as to know when exactly policy rates can be altered and another reason evoked behind this step is also the U.S. elections being […]

Daily Market Review September 21

Earlier today the US dollar gained by 0.8 percent and settled higher than its major currency counterparts. The same trend is expected to continue until the announcement of the interest rate decision later today by the Federal Reserve. Elsewhere, the dices were thrown by the Bank of Japan today as the central bank kept rates […]

Daily Market Review September 20

The Bank of Japan will hold a comprehensive policy review meeting scheduled as at September 20-21. This meeting’s main focus will be the on the current policy rates and measures needed to boost the economy. Bank of Japan governor Kuroda has been adopting a quantitative and qualitative easing program since 2013 which have had mixed […]