Daily Market Review

Daily Market Review June 30

The UK car production was up by 26 percent for the month of May, suggesting a stable business in this industry, however this bullish sentiment could be short-lived. Maintaining economic stability and striving to keep this sector more productive could become difficult as trade regulations could change between UK and the European Union. Strong demand […]

Daily Market Review June 29

UK leaving the European Union did not spare crude prices either with the supply structure likely to be changed with new regulations to be imposed. After the divorce of UK and the EU, it is but obvious that the trade system will witness new amendments, which also imply changes in the crude supply as well. […]

Daily Market Review June 28

The exit of Britain from the European Union has now also triggered political uncertainty, with countries like the U.S. The United-States may come forth with the decision to change certain of its trade regulations with the UK. Many other major economies may hold the same opinion, while this kind of situation will exert more pressure […]

Daily Market Review June 24

The final decision was known earlier today, that Britain is certainly leaving the European Union. This implied a big jolt to the global market, with all the currencies dropping more than ever before. Also, as the FTSE 100 opened earlier today, it already displayed an 8 percent drop. The Pound Sterling has fallen to its […]

Daily Market Review

It’s the biggest binary option trading opportunity of this year and traders are advised not to give this a miss. After 41 years, a UK referendum resurfaced, but with a new twist to the story. In 1975, a UK referendum was conducted to include UK in the European Union while now the situation has been […]