Daily Market Review

Daily Market Review

Crude oil inventories data will be released at 14:30 GMT and with the on-going uptrend and downtrend of crude prices, this data shall be watched closely. Any fall in inventories will result into a rise in crude prices today and on the contrary, crude prices will fall again. Earlier today, on the Asian trade a […]

Daily Market Review June 21

Two major central banks shall be the talk of the day today, with ECB president Draghi’s speech scheduled, followed by Fed’s chairperson Janet Yellen getting ready to testify. Draghi will certainly speak about the UK referendum and its effects on the Eurozone, while Janet Yellen shall speak about the same but she is mostly awaited […]

Daily Market Review June 17

The UK referendum stays put for June 23, 2016 while the murder of a British lawmaker who campaigned for a non-exit from EU could have jeopardized the event. A sad note for Britain though, with the burden of the murder of a person campaigning for UK to stay in the EU leading to a suspension […]

Daily Market Review June 16

Is it really becoming difficult to escape from the fangs of a low rate spreading on the global market? Words from Janet Yellen, the chairperson of the Federal Reserve pointed to the same issue. She deems that with new markets emerging and major economies facing turmoil, keeping a strong rate is quite difficult. A strong […]

Daily Market Review June 15

Trends of big companies acquiring smaller companies can create extremely nice trading opportunities and this kind of buzz stays for quite some time on the markets. With Microsoft creating much thrill with its intention of buying LinkedIn through a loan system, LinkedIn shares jumped by more than 45 percent. Microsoft is ready to buy this […]