Daily Market Review

Daily Market Review Nov 11th

The daily market review from BigOption: Today’s market review will focus mainly on the employment figures as there are no other important statistics, which needs consideration. Although last Friday saw some interesting report on the labor market, there is no big statistics for today. Unemployment grew by 0.1% as expected and constitutes 7.3% in October’s […]

Daily Market Review Nov 8th

BigOption Daily Market Review: Today’s daily market review will focus on Draghi’s decision regarding interest rates and the situation within the Euro Zone. Draghi decreased the interest rate from 0.5% to 0.25%. Since no one believe in such a resolve from the ECB, it isn’t surprising that the market reacted in such an abrupt manner. […]

Daily Market Review Nov 7th

Market Review An overview Today’s daily market review will focus on the Euro Zone. Germany has seen a big increase of Factory Orders at 3.3%, percentage which will obviously reflect on the rest of German Data. European statistics, though, are still not so impressive. Fall of retail sales turned out to be much deeper than […]

Daily Market Review Nov 6th

Overview: Following the recent negative statistics from Europe, Brussels’ officials had to revise their forecasts for the coming year. If in the beginning the Euro commission has expected growth of the European economy by 1.4%, now this assessment is corrected to 1.1%. Although a lot will depend on the two coming months, the results of […]

Daily Market Review Nov 5th

Daily Market Review Overview: The release of the Spanish employment data and the ongoing speculation over the supposed rate cut by the ECB meeting held on Thursday had an impact on the European stocks. Earlier on Tuesday, Asian stock markets closed mixed with shares in Australia outperforming the region after the Reserve Bank of Australia […]