Daily Market Review

Daily Market Review Nov 4th

OVERVIEW Last week has witnessed a growth in the American currency. Despite the negative toll on the US statistics, the Dollar has appreciated against its major counterparties. The FRS is the main driver behind this strong growth of the Dollar. It should be noted that the monetary and credit policy will remain unaltered until the […]

Daily Market Review Oct 31st

OVERVIEW Recent American statistics have showed again, that there are a lot of problems in the economy. Against the background of Congress litigation a lot of Americans decided to be thrifty, and as a result Retail Sales dropped by 0.1%, though a weak growth of the figure had been expected. Moreover the indicator of Consumer […]

Daily Market Review Oct 11th

OVERVIEW Recently we have witnessed the release of protocols of FOMC September meeting. It was obvious, that opinions of the committee members on stopping the QE3 were different. The majority agreed, that it would be reasonable to start contracting the program by the end of current year with its full cease by the end of […]

Daily Market Review Oct 10th

OVERVIEW Yesterday the focus was on the FOMC Meeting Minutes and nomination of Janet Yellen to the position of the next head of the FRS. The Dollar was stronger than most currencies except for the Aussie and the New Zeeland Dollar. The Pound suffered because of weak data from Great Britain. After weak numbers of […]

Daily Market Review Oct 9th

American politicians continue to play ‘’Russian roulette”. Beforehand they were rather lucky and all issues were solved more or less successfully without any significant harm to the economy. Last time when there were debates on increasing debt limit, at the last moment they managed to overcome contradictions and to avoid default. Now instead of looking […]