Daily Market Review

Daily Market Review Sep 27th

OVERVIEW There was big relief on the markets, when the FRS saved the volume of QE3 on the level of $85 billion Dollars of monthly securities’ purchase. Attention of the public started to shift to the approaching debt limit. Earlier it has been reached already, and the US ministry of finance has been trying to […]

Daily Market Review Sep 26th

U.S markets fell on Wednesday amid concerns that a U.S. fiscal uncertainty may threaten to shut down the Federal government. Congress is currently struggling to pass a spending bill to keep the government funded beyond Oct. 14, but that is just a start to a series of battles over raising the debt ceiling. The U.S […]

Daily Market Review Sep 25th

OVERVIEW The US Dollar appreciated against major currencies, and the US indices were down the fourth day against the background of concerns regarding negotiations on the budget. They carry risk to the federal government and slowdown of economic growth. Sales of new houses jumped in August. It is the sign that real estate market starts […]

Daily Market Review – Sep 18th

U.S. stocks rose on Tuesday after the Federal Reserve started its  two-day policy meeting, with many betting the U.S. central bank will make only slight adjustments to its monthly bond-buying program, which has boosted stock prices by driving down long-term interest rates. Microsoft went to the market yesterday and declared on a massive $40 billion […]

Daily Review Sep 11th, 2013

US stocks rose on Tuesday as investors’ concern over the Syrian conflict has diminished as Russia plan seems to have a larger support by the international community. U.S. President Barack Obama said that he had asked Congress to postpone a vote on military action against Syria and that he will explore a plan proposed by […]