Daily Market Review

Daily Market Review April 13

Inflation rate rose to 0.5 percent for the month of March in UK, according to Office for National Statistics. Despite remaining below the desired target of 2 percent, Inflation seemed to be stable and at its highest level since December 2014. The reason evoked behind this rise is said to be the increase in air […]

Daily Market Review April 12

In the event of a weakening USD, dollar denominated commodities have become much cheaper. Crude oil prices were seen stabilizing as the U.S. crude CLc1 went to trade around $40.19 a barrel while Brent crude LCOc1 was seen rising above $43 a barrel yesterday, but has now lost around 0.30 percent, trading around $42.70 a […]

Daily Market Review April 08

The European Central Bank is set to add fresh stimulus in order to stabilize the current weakening economy of the Eurozone. The monetary policy meeting by the ECB yesterday ended on a confusing note, as it was not clear how the Central Bank would proceed to do so. The Central Bank apparently will leave no […]

Daily Market Review April 07

Future interest rates scenario keeps on sending ripple effects on the global economic market, also taking down the U.S. dollar. The greenback has now slid to a 17-month low against the Yen and the pair USDJPY stood at 108.85 Yen earlier today, which is the lowest level seen since October 2014. The USD is set […]

Daily Market Review April 06

The International Monetary Firm will release its new set of forecasts next week, but its managing director, Christine Lagarde warned on being cautious. The situation gets delicate as the global economy looks subdued due to strong economy versus emerging economies, with recovering economies trapped in the middle. Eurozone’s economic data did indicate some signs of […]