Daily Market Review

Daily Market Review January 14

The final quarter of 2015 was not up to the mark for the Eurozone, since industrial production was seen slowing across 19 countries in the area. Data reading for Eurozone’s industrial production yesterday, confirmed a decrease in output, by around 0.7 percent, despite market expectations were higher. Energy demand declined and the cause evoked for […]

Daily Market Review January 13

Gold prices turned a little bearish, after reports showed that, China’s trade data for December came in surprisingly positive. Exports hit a slight hike of 1.4 percent, reporting the first gain in six months, following the continuous slump of the world’s second largest economy. However, imports fell by 7.6 percent, signaling a yet to be […]

Daily Market Review January 12

Crude oil prices pursue their relentless plunge earlier today, by losing almost 20 percent of its value since the start of 2016. Traders and investors have now changed their course of action by predicting more falls, rather than hikes in crude prices. Forecasts show that, crude prices may go below $30 a barrel in the […]

Daily Market Review January 08

The NFP data shall be released today and the U.S. job market seems to be healthy enough to generate a much better result for the NFP. The pace of hiring in U.S. was quite strong but a slowing economy noted at the start of January could add to the worries. Only a solid employment could […]

Daily Market Review January 07

A pile on unused amounts of petroleum has led to more worries in the U.S and aggravates the outlook for U.S. crude prices. Huge amount of petrol stays idle in many storage tanks across the U.S., since demand and supply do not seem to tally at all. The biggest consumer of oil, China shows no […]