Daily Market Review

Daily Market Review January 06

A robust and progressive hike in the construction sector in Britain, helped to boost reading pertaining to UK’s construction PMI data yesterday. The Pound may turn out to be bullish after being quite weak against a basket of currencies for several weeks in December. Ahead of the data, forecast was a little bearish for the […]

Daily Market Review January 05

American manufacturers went through a sour December, as the last quarter of 2015 depicted a low manufacturing PMI. Heavy industries are now striving to start a better 2016, while a strong dollar continues to weigh on most businesses. Despite a strong recovery for the U.S. economy, declining exports was also pressurized by a slow demand. […]

Daily Market Review January 1

Driven by fears over Britain’s referendum, which could imply UK leaving the European Union, the Pound Sterling, has for about 8 months, stayed low and flat. Against the dollar, the Pound is losing steam and may further be dragged lower, as a fall of 4.7 percent has already been registered against a myriad of major […]

Daily Market Review December 31

A fantastic end of year could be seen for German stocks as they outperformed most European and global stocks yesterday. Sentiment hiked up on the market, deeming the DAX 30 a mighty indice which is expected to achieve more gains in 2016. Throughout this year, the DAX attained 27 fresh peaks despite growing global instability […]

Daily Market Review December 30

Crude oil futures were down earlier today, due to persisting low demand and a high supply on the market. Crude futures were down by almost half a dollar and has plunged by around two-thirds since 2014. Europe and Asia are highly affected by the slowing demand and the outlook for 2016 looks bleak. U.S. West […]