Daily Market Review

Daily Market Review July 27

Despite the recent rough patch the giant technology company Apple went through, it managed to surprise the financial market with its recent third quarter report. The multinational proudly displayed that it sold 40.4 million iPhones in this quarter. Accordingly, Apple’s shares added 7 percent in late trading sessions. Besides, the company displayed a net revenue […]

Daily Market Review July 26

Fed’s two-day policy meeting starts today and ahead of tomorrow’s interest rate decision, markets are deemed to remain quite volatile. Currently, the USD is down ahead of Fed’s meeting as markets remain skeptical on the awaited decision of the Federal Reserve. The weakness of the dollar caused the Euro and the Yen to take the […]

Daily Market Review July 22

The president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi along with his fellow policymakers kept the Eurozone interest rates unchanged at 0.00 percent. After bringing rates down from 0.05 percent in a previous policy meeting, the ECB panel decided to not be too hasty to cut rates further. Instead, the president focused on the current […]

Daily Market Review July 21

Though after the rupture of eBay and PayPal, the latter gained more authority on the market, eBay managed to console investors with a surge in earnings by more than 6 percent. This is the second time this year that eBay is posting bullish quarterly gains. Reporting a net profit of $435 million, up by $83 […]

Daily Market Review July 20

Not later than four years ago, Microsoft posted lower quarterly earnings for the first time. Has the giant tech company fail to inspire its people and customers? Overall revenue for Microsoft came in at $20.6 billion, accounting for profits of up to $3.1 billion, however still down from last year’s quarterly earnings of $22.1 billion, […]