Islamic Account



BigOption is proud to reveal its Islamic Binary Options Trading Account, tailored specifically to meet traders of Islamic faith. Consistent with Sharia law, this particular trading account is also known as the No Riba Policy, swap free or interest free accounts. Traders can rest assured that they won’t be charged any interests or hidden fees, regardless of their trade amount or type.

  All our Muslim customers will benefit from the following features upon registration with our NEW Islamic Binary Options Trading Account:  

  • Sharia Compliant Investment
  • No Riba Policy: No additional charges or hidden fees
  • Swap-Free Accounts: No interest rates for prolonged open positions or overnight open positions
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • User-Friendly and Reliable Trading Platform
  • Interesting Payout Structures

  We, at BigOption, are always striving to cater for a wider audience and to provide them with the most innovative products and services to achieve success in trading binary options.

Please feel free to contact our customer support team so that they can help you open an Islamic Binary Options Trading Account.