EUR/AUD 1.40430 22:30 29.03 NZD/JPY 78.136 22:30 29.03 AUD/USD 0.76675 22:30 29.03 AUD/JPY 85.155 22:30 29.03 NZD/USD 0.70392 22:00 29.03 AUD/NZD 1.08952 22:00 29.03 EUR/AUD 1.40389 22:00 29.03 CAD/JPY 83.297 22:00 29.03 NZD/JPY 78.142 22:00 29.03 AUD/USD 0.76694 22:00 29.03 AUD/JPY 85.135 22:00 29.03 EUR/JPY 119.523 22:00 29.03 USD/JPY 111.010 22:00 29.03 EUR/USD 1.07675 22:00 29.03 EUR/AUD 1.40356 21:30 29.03 NZD/JPY 78.159 21:30 29.03 AUD/USD 0.76706 21:30 29.03 AUD/JPY 85.162 21:30 29.03

One Touch Trading


BigOption has a vast range of trading tools among which lies the One Touch tool. In an attempt to provide quality and outstanding choice to traders, BigOption brings along an array of trading instruments that will suit traders with different trading experience.
What is One Touch Trading?
This option is based on the strategy which implies that once the underlying asset touches or outpaces the target, the trader is automatically “in-the-money”. A transaction is equally positive if the trader has executed a trade assuming that the asset will go down, meeting the target; this is known as the No Touch binary option trading.The difference between this option compared to other trading tools is that the expiry time is already set. To start trading with the One Touch, select the asset, and the amount you want to trade with. Once it touches the strike price, the transaction becomes favourable.

BigOption trading platform offers a payout of 500% on successful trades and this option is available for trading from Monday to Friday, expiring at 5pm GMT.

Why trade One Touch options with BigOption?
  • Successful trades yield up to 500% return on investment per trade
  • A wide variety of assets to trade on
  • Expiry date once a day/ once a week
  • Trade with highly volatile markets and be in-the-money