BigOption adopts Social Trading


For immediate release: 30/07/14

  BigOption adopts social trading  

By Patricia O’Connell
July 30, 2014


BigOption launches ProFollow on its platform which will give a new definition to trading. BigOption is among the few brokers who has invested and believed in the future of this new social trading tool. The benefit of this trading instrument wholly benefits traders who get an additional tool that has a high probability of leading towards profitable transactions.

The ProFollow is a step towards revolutionising binary options trading, bringing a more practical step for traders, especially beginners who ultimately can find a role model to copy on. The ProFollow structure is very straightforward; traders can choose as many leaders as the want, whose transactions are yielding high return on investment. When following leaders on the ProFollow, traders get to scan traders per asset type and can monitor success rates of different leaders. It becomes very easy to determine whom to follow.
With ProFollow, there are no restrictions; it is very easy to get into the flow and it can be cancelled at any time. Moreover, traders will be instantly notified through email about the updates.

A great dilemma for traders who have recently been introduced to binary options is that they take much time to familiarise themselves with market reviews or charts that are essential tools for successful trading. The ProFollow is a much easier medium to profit from initial investments and is available to everyone, irrespective of their experience. Avah Forbes, marketing manager at BigOption sees this feature as a step forward in the world of binary options and a big asset for traders, “I remember at the dawn of binary options, the outlook of this industry seemed blurry amidst difficult economic situation but today the industry is re-shaping for the benefit of traders themselves. ”

The ProFollow adds to the multiple trading strategies that will enable traders to be in-the-money. They can now grow their investments by replicating trades of leaders and use the latter’s experience to enhance their own knowledge.

BigOption has incessantly advocated its firm intention of bringing innovation to its traders and the ProFollow is undoubtedly the asset of the century.

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