BigOption Christmas Competition Winner Announcement

For immediate release: 20 January 2015

BigOption Trading Competition: Winners announced

BigOption Christmas Competition ends on a cheery note with 5 exceptional traders triumph. The trading competition started last year, on the 17th of December 2014 and concluded on the 17th of January 2015. This timeframe was crucial for the traders on the leader-board, all striving to meet the target and to win the cash prizes. The top 5 winners of the competition are as follows:

Trader Country Score Rank Cash Prize
Andrew M Canada 338771 1st $5000
Marshal D Belgium 316452 2nd $3000
Ahmad N Algeria 304068 3rd $2000
Anne S Belgium 296737 4th $1000
Patrick M France 290119 5th $500

BigOption congratulates all the winners and commends all participants who joined this unique binary options trading journey. Accordingly, the winners will receive their cash prizes from which they can decide to open new doors of possibilities in the industry. It was quite a tight race between traders but they managed to demark themselves out of the lot.

BigOption is proud of its traders who managed to turn financial events into financial opportunities and showed real trading prowess during the competition. While it can be highly stressful to trade against other traders, the winners persevered and pulled out tactics, enabling them to outpace others in the course. BigOption trading competition winners come from countries worldwide and they reflect the true portrait of BigOption as the gatherer in global binary option markets.

Priscilla Camryn, Marketing and Communications Manager at BigOption states that without the participation of all traders, this trading competition would not have had the same splendor, “Firstly, I would like to extend a warm congratulation to all winners and thank all traders who participated. They made the competition stand till the end and gave their best on the trading arena. It is very motivating and definitely encourages us to come with more rewarding competitions.”

The BigOption Trading Competition marks the beginning of 2015; a new start for winners who have an exceptional cache to continue their trading career. BigOption wishes all traders success in their trading endeavors.

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