Good Friday and Easter Holiday Notice

Good Friday and Easter Holidays

Holidays are round the corner with Good Friday & Easter that will be celebrated from Friday 3rd April. Due to the celebrations, most major exchanges, such as the U.S. and European exchanges will be closed for that particular day.

Some changes are being expected on the platform which are as follows:
Good Friday, April 3rd
The closure of all platforms are scheduled at 15:00 GMT, therefore pertaining to this;

•Stocks, Indices, Futures & Commodities pertaining to E.U and U.S will not be available.

•A Fix return of 73-76/0 will be offered through the options payouts structure during the day.

•Products such as the option builder, Ladder or FX, will not be accessible.

•The 60 Sec will not be available, unless market’s volatility will enable the access.

Please note: The holiday will not impede on the data release of the Nonfarm payrolls and the Unemployment rate and will however be released on Friday April 3rd, at 12:30 GMT  

Easter Monday, April 6th:

The following information pertains to Europe and Asian Exchanges only

•As from 10:00 GMT, the 60 sec will be available.

•If the option builder and ladder options are offered, they will be available as from 12:00 GMT.

•A fixed payout system of 70-80/0 will be offered through the payouts structure until 12:00 GMT.

As from Friday 15:00 GMT till Sunday 21:00 GMT, long term options and a broader selection of one touch options will be available throughout the weekend.