Platform Changes on 20 Jan 2014 | 17 Jan

For immediate release: 17.01.14

Platform Changes for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By Patricia O’Connell

January 17, 2014


BigOption announces changes to its platform for Monday 20th January 2014, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Follow this celebration, all U.S Exchanges and trading floors are expected to remain closed for the entire day.

The following platform changes will be made on that day:

The platform will work under the normal trading hours with a few adjustments;

  • All U.S based assets including stock and Indices will not be available
  • From 17:00GMT, the payouts in the platform will offer a fix 75-70/0 payouts
  • The end of the day for all Commodities will be 17:00GMT
  • 60 sec trading will be available on preferred assets only from 17:00GMT
  • The option builder will not be available from 15:00GMT


In case of extreme low market liquidity, which may result in trading interference or extended losses in the 60 sec trading, we might be forced to disable the 60 sec trading tool until markets price resume its normal course. Although this is not expected, only market behaviors will dictate its availability.


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Author: Patricia O’Connell

Email: [email protected]