BigOption gets on the Social Media bus | 19 Dec 2013

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BigOption gets on the Social Media bus

In an attempt to reach a larger audience and to also meet the demands of an increasingly robust online trend, BigOption has decided to make itself known on major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Most companies are now featured on social networks because of the different opportunities available and with the increasing number of social network users; this move was inevitable and can only be beneficial for the binary options broker.

Social networks can, in a way, be seen as an individual’s home on the internet and since letterbox distribution is not physically possible on the web, what better way to communicate with these individuals than by being present on the same social networks on which they interact? With this in mind, BigOption have taken up residence on social networks in order to reach this market segment which is only interested in communicating online. The binary options trading platform therefore increases its potential clients as it is now able to reach a larger number of people.

Apart from using social media as a tool to reach more investors, BigOption has also thought of existing clients. Their Facebook page, for example, is designed to help novice traders understand the ins and outs of binary options but also has information for individuals who are already trading. Avah Forbes, marketing director at BigOption states that this move came to fruition due to the “increasing demand for an online presence by potential investors and existing traders who prefer brokers who remain up-to-date with new communication trends.”

The social media pages are also used for marketing purposes and are the preferred place to post new and upcoming promotions. For instance, BigOption’s 20 risk-free trades’ promotion was announced via their social media pages in order to invite new traders to give it a try and reduce risks of losing money.

BigOption now wishes to expand their hold on the social media market and have hence announced a new promotion which will reward all new clients who like and share their page. A sign up to the BigOption platform is also necessary but all new investors will be remunerated with $99 FREE, without having to complete a deposit first. This is an ongoing promotion and will last until their Facebook page reaches 9999 likes. Apart from being a very generous promotion, this is also a great way for traders to learn more about the trading platform and tools provided by BigOption.

BigOption has definitely found the right recipe; mixing news, updates, promotions and allowing traders hassle-free online access. Their new promotion has also set the bar quite high and is currently amongst the best offers from binary options brokers.


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Author: Daniel Stevenson

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