EUR/AUD 1.40430 22:30 29.03 NZD/JPY 78.136 22:30 29.03 AUD/USD 0.76675 22:30 29.03 AUD/JPY 85.155 22:30 29.03 NZD/USD 0.70392 22:00 29.03 AUD/NZD 1.08952 22:00 29.03 EUR/AUD 1.40389 22:00 29.03 CAD/JPY 83.297 22:00 29.03 NZD/JPY 78.142 22:00 29.03 AUD/USD 0.76694 22:00 29.03 AUD/JPY 85.135 22:00 29.03 EUR/JPY 119.523 22:00 29.03 USD/JPY 111.010 22:00 29.03 EUR/USD 1.07675 22:00 29.03 EUR/AUD 1.40356 21:30 29.03 NZD/JPY 78.159 21:30 29.03 AUD/USD 0.76706 21:30 29.03 AUD/JPY 85.162 21:30 29.03

Safety of Funds

  At BigOption, we respect your trust in our company and value the funds you have invested with us. This is why, we make use of international standards to assure that no mishandling of funds occur from our side.  
  Platform Guarantee   Platform Guarantee  

Rest assured that our platform is 100% SSL certified. What does it mean for you? Your personal details are strictly handled among BigOption’s employees and we continuously strive to maintain the high level of privacy measures for our traders. All your data undergo HTTP secure web protocols assuring the minimal incidents of fraudulent activities. Our platform is also PCI approved and certified. BigOption uses the latest technology to ensure maximum security.

  Funds Safety   Funds Safety  

We also understand your fears of transacting online; your funds are as important to us as they are to you. At BigOption, all funds are kept in segregated accounts.

  What is a segregated account?   What is a segregated account?  

BigOption’s funds and our clients’ funds are kept safeguarded separately. This insures that all funds are properly identified. This also means that in case of any crisis or any other happenings, your funds are not affected.

  BigOption vows transparency   BigOption vows transparency  

We have an unsoiled reputation of maintaining transparency vis-à-vis our clients and partners. We put a lot of stress on compliance for new traders. We undertake regular inspection and auditing to ensure financial stability, and abide by International AML Regulations. Read our compliance procedures.