EUR/AUD 1.40430 22:30 29.03 NZD/JPY 78.136 22:30 29.03 AUD/USD 0.76675 22:30 29.03 AUD/JPY 85.155 22:30 29.03 NZD/USD 0.70392 22:00 29.03 AUD/NZD 1.08952 22:00 29.03 EUR/AUD 1.40389 22:00 29.03 CAD/JPY 83.297 22:00 29.03 NZD/JPY 78.142 22:00 29.03 AUD/USD 0.76694 22:00 29.03 AUD/JPY 85.135 22:00 29.03 EUR/JPY 119.523 22:00 29.03 USD/JPY 111.010 22:00 29.03 EUR/USD 1.07675 22:00 29.03 EUR/AUD 1.40356 21:30 29.03 NZD/JPY 78.159 21:30 29.03 AUD/USD 0.76706 21:30 29.03 AUD/JPY 85.162 21:30 29.03

Strategy Advisor

The Strategy Advisor uses extensive algorithms to calculate an asset’s behaviour. You only have to click between one of the three techniques and get a prediction. The Strategy Advisor pledges rapidity and practicality; it is completely automatic and simply does your part of work.

Here are the three techniques that you can use:

  The RSI is a widely used approach which calculates the scale of recent gains to recent losses in order to gauge oversold and overbought conditions.
  The MA filters the noise over the chart and enhances the visibility of potential price variations so that past prices can be better assessed.
  This technique uses bands to analyse asset’s behaviour, contracting when the market is down and expanding when the market gets volatile.

Basically you will find the Strategy Advisor on the Classic Binary Options. Follow these steps:

  • Go over the trading platform, on the classic trading tool.
  • Select your preferred asset and your expiry time.
  • Click on the small icon found at the left corner of the trading chart.
  • Choose one among the three technical strategies- RSI, MA, Bollinger Bands.
  • Select and click to get a forecast
*Please note that you have to login in order to place a trade.
There are no strings attached and no hidden costs simply get the
calculator to predict the trend of the asset you have chosen.